Posted by: loungekitten | October 22, 2008

Status Of Knitting Projects

I have so much on my plate with knitting projects, I feel like I need to work out a plan or something to figure out how I am going to finish it all.

Print O’ The Wave Stole – I’ve finished the body of the stole and I’ve grafted the two pieces together. I thought that if I could finish the grafting before the beginning of the semester, I would be able to complete this before the end of the year. This has proven not to be the case, and I have serious doubts about getting back to working on this project before the end of 2008. As a matter of fact, I don’t see myself resuming this project until maybe late winter/early spring 2009.

Ivy League Vest – Theoretically, this project needs to be finished before Christmas. If you are on Ravelry, you should know that the sweater is further along than what I have posted on my project page, but perhaps not enough to update the progress bar. I have knitted through the waist decreases and am half-way through the straight rows that are knitted before the increases start. I have no new pictures to post, either. But I have not picked this project up in about 2 months, either. I really need to start working on a few rows a night or something. Or else find another gift for the recipient.

Kew, or the Friends Season 4 Sock – I really thought I would have these done by now. But, for various reasons, the socks have not been as portable as I would like. I feel like I pack a small suitcase everyday before I leave for school, since I don’t get the opportunity to go home between classes. The last time I packed this one up to knit here at school, about 10 stitches had slipped off the end of the needles and I had to backtrack to start knitting it again. Still, about a week ago I managed to work on this and I’ve worked through the gusset on the second sock. Just a few more pattern repeats (of a 24-row repeat!) and I’ll be ready for the toe shaping and finishing.

Pink – The body of this sweater and one sleeve is finished, and I’ve worked through the sleeve decreases on the second sleeve. I want to finish this one by the end of this month. However, it’s lack of portability and my lack of time and energy really stand in the way of this goal. So, we’ll see.

Pink Basic Chic Pulli – My current portable project for working on at school while I read. I haven’t been working on this much, either, because I haven’t even had time to knit while I read. For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading while waiting for my car to be repaired and that has not been ideal for knitting and reading at the same time. I had a take-home test due last Friday (more like doing 3 mini-research papers) and a test this past Monday. Plus I’ve been working at least 32-hours a week. This one may need to be put on hold while I knit more Christmas gifts for others. It’s just getting to be that time!

So, the projects I have in mind for gifts are, at the very least, Fair Enough and Veronik Avery’s Zipped Vest. And I’d like to make a dog sweater for my dog-nephew, too.

O.K., time’s a-wasting. Need to start reading (and knitting) before class starts.


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