Posted by: loungekitten | November 10, 2008

Manic Monday

So far, I’ve not had a very good day. I was running late this morning because the shower drain was clogged and I needed to unclog it just enough for the water to drain out of the tub. The result is that I get to look forward to a huge mess to clean when I get home and I still have more unclogging work to do. Yay.

The result of being late for school? Well, I’m not late for class, my first class begins at 11:00 AM. But if I leave after 7:20 in the morning, I can’t take the fastest, most direct route because it is clogged with work commuters who forget which exit they need to take to get to work everyday. Apparently. Because despite 2 miles worth of signage alerting drivers to the fact that, “Hey, your exit is fast approaching, get in the right hand lane so you won’t miss it!” somehow there is a bone-headed individual who is texting/talking on their cell phone or just not paying attention and realizes at the last minute that they need to get off the highway at THIS EXIT RIGHT NOW so they slam on their brakes in the left hand lane and stop until some sucker gentle soul lets them into the other lane so they can exit. Or, they just think that they’re going to be the luck SOB who cuts off everyone at the last possible second and saves themselves valuable time. Whatever. It’s my first problem with being late – so I take back roads to avoid frustration. I probably get there in about the same amount of time, but usually in a better frame of mind. My second problem: If I get to school any later than 8:30, there is no parking left in the parking lot closest to the buildings where all of my classes are held. So I have to park in a lot that is located a little under a mile from my classes and in the spirit of full disclosure, in the area where most of the campus crime occurs. Normally I wouldn’t care about the walk, believe me, I need the exercise. The other upside of parking in this lot is that it is on the edge of campus, so there are less pedestrians to, um, hit. But with the bad ankle, it’s a little bit of trial to complete the walk, and I wouldn’t be able to run from criminals, if they should happen to be loitering about the parking lot. (Don’t think I’m being paranoid – someone did unsuccessfully attempt to carjack/attack me in a parking garage a few years ago, I was vigilant before that, and I’m even more vigilant now. I might post about this in another post later this week.) So that lot is where my car is parked today.

Then, we had one of our pop-quizzes in Pathophysiology. This wasn’t totally unexpected – I expected one this week but not until Wednesday. These quizzes are a series of true-false statements that can literally turn on one word in the given statement. I try my best to reason and sometimes make educated guesses, but I think today I really blew it. I get the results back on Wednesday.

And right now I am skipping Abnormal Psychology. This could end up having no effect on my grade at all or a huge one. It definitely means that I need to attend every class between now and the end of the semester and somehow get to participate in every class so I end up giving the same number of presentations as my peers. I admit that the reason for not going is just the worst – a last minute melt-down, after which I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit through and be a constructive participant in class. It’s Just the culmination of a series of bad events that I’ve been experiencing in the past week or two, and I’m sure I’m not looking at the bottom yet because of certain events that will occur in the next two weeks.

On the plus side, I did get to wet-block Pink this morning. It’s drying outside on our enclosed patio area. I don’t think this sweater will be dry until Wednesday at the earliest, because it is made from a cotton/acrylic yarn and will take almost forever to dry. So maybe Thursday night I’ll have a little photo session and posting about it.

Our local Ikea has a restaurant, and apparently this is a rare thing. Every once in a while I need to get my fill of their Swedish meatballs, and it kicks off a serious craving for Swedish meatballs for the next month. I think I’m going home to make the Swedish meatballs I bought from Ikea a few weeks ago. I need some comfort food. Did you know that Ikea sells all the stuff you need to make these Swedish meatballs? $11.99 gets you a package of frozen meatballs, two cream sauce packets, and a jar of lingonberry sauce. Allegedly, this makes 13 servings. I’m assuming you need to add milk or water to the contents of the sauce packets, and it does not include the mashed potatoes that get served as a side dish, and I’m planning on making spinach with it. Mmmmm, it sounds so good already!

Here’s hoping that the week can only get better from here!

This post has been brought to you by run-on sentences and incoherent stream-of-consciousness writing style. Ha ha.



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