Posted by: loungekitten | December 9, 2008

12.9.08 – Tuesday Ten

I’ve either been listening to Genius playlists or I’ve been too busy studying for finals, because I needed to refresh the party shuffle to get a different list. I’ll post this one quickly so I can get on with finishing my take-home final for Immunology:

1. Ready To Go (US Mix) – Republica

2. Mary’s In India – Dido

3. Ramalama (Bang Bang) – Roisin Murphy

4. Smile – Lily Allen

5. Careless Love – Madeleine Peyroux

6. Sky (feat. Ingrid Michaelson) – Joshua Radin

7. Just A Dream – Great Northern

8. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle) – Limp Bizkit

9. SRXT – Bloc Party

10. She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult

“Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle Mix)” and “SRXT” are making their second appearances on the lists of my Tuesday Ten. I really like “Ramalama (Bang Bang)”, it’s a fun song and always makes me happy. Has anyone ever really listened to “Mary’s In India” by Dido? Am I wrong, or is it about stealing someone else’s boyfriend (although Mary does seem to have neglected him and thus left him vulnerable to, uh, attack)?  Also, I was actually thinking of making “Sky” by Joshua Radin the ringtone on my new phone.

I have finals today and tomorrow. I also have a final on Friday evening, but it’s my abnormal psychology final and all we need to do is show up, have a conference with the professor during which he gives me my grade, and then that’s it. I’ll probably be able to knit while waiting my turn!

But it’s back to the grindstone for now. On iTunes, I have saved what must be one of the craziest Genius lists ever created. The inspiration for this list was the song “Butterfly (Extreme Mix)” by Crazy Town. The other songs on this list are so bizarre, how are they possible related to the inspiring song or to one another, except that they’re all in my song library? You’ll see, and judge for yourself, later this week!


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