Posted by: loungekitten | December 23, 2008

12.23.08 – Tuesday Ten & More

First, I’d like people to know that I received a response to my last blog post.  Lest you think no one cares at Comcast, it’s not true.  I don’t want to publish the comment because it contains specific contact information.  It’s not as though I get a lot of traffic to this blog or anything but I wouldn’t want the representative to get unrelated e-mails.  For what it’s worth, telephone and internet service has been great for the past few days.  Also, the account is not officially mine, so generally I wouldn’t contact the company myself.  Besides, Mom likes to complain.  😉

But seriously, what gives?  We’re inundated with all the advertisements about the mandatory digital service.  At home we’re not sure what the problem is – and neither is Comcast and that would be my point.  Does anyone know?  Does the problem lie with the broadcasters originating the signal? (If so, while watching On Demand content the problem should be Comcast’s for sure.  The problems I’ve described have occurred while watching network channels as well, which is why it is a question.)  Is it a problem with the transmission of the broadcast?  It is a problem with our television, for which a warranty was purchased and we’d like to know whether or not it would need a costly repair before the warranty period lapses?  I’m just saying that with digital broadcasting being shoved down most of our throats if there are basic problems shouln’t they be addressed?

I also went to Knit Night last night. . .alone.  No one else showed!  I did get there around 8 PM, a little late by our official start time.  It’s O.K., I stayed because it facilitated a lot of progress on the project I’m knitting for my mother’s Christmas gift.  Guess what!  Our new number one bipolar-poet stalker fan was there.  (The bipolar part was self-disclosed to the group at large last Wednesday, along with the drugs used to manage the condition.)  When I left he was standing at his car and said goodnight.  My car was in the opposite direction and I got in and warmed it up.  As I backed out of my space, he flipped the lights of his car on, and I thought he was going to follow me or something.  But his car didn’t move, so I am either paranoid or he’s lulling me into a false sense of security.  O.K., I know that’s dramatic but I do think its weird how he’s just attached himself to our group.

While I was a Borders, I had one of their delicious hot chocolates and the apple tart.  Lucky for me, I had not eaten dinner, because the apple tart was delicious as well.  Apples atop a flaky puff pastry crust served with a cinnamon syrup.  I love puff pastry!

At long last, the Tuesday ten for you:

1.  More Adventurous – Rilo Kiley

2.  Should I Stay or Should I Go – The Clash

3.  Break Your Heart – Natalie Merchant

4.  California – Semisonic

5.  Round Here – Counting Crows

6.  All That We Let In – Indigo Girls

7.  We Belong Together – Mariah Carey

8.  To Get Down – Timo Maas

9.  SRXT – Bloc Party

10 Ready To Go (US Mix) – Republica

SRXT again, iTunes?  Notice that I do have more Rilo Kiley songs in my library than Portions for Foxes.  This is quite am ecclectic list.  Mariah Carey and The Clash!  Now, that is random.

As I type this post, I am listening to Valium Skies by The Verve right now.  Very mellow tune, I like it.

Oh, and in computer news, I think I’ve decided to buy a Dell online.  I’ve tried going through Best Buy and they either don’t have the computers advertised in their store or they’re already sold out online.  If I’m going to order online, it might as well be customized in some fashion.  All this after I tried to buy an external hard drive, none of which will work with my computer.  Because my USB ports are outdated and don’t have enough power to keep the damn external hard drive powered.  I’ve tried everything to try to keep this computer for another year.  And just this morning, another message – “Virtual Memory Too Low.”  I am going to move some school files onto an 8GB key drive for the time being.  The folder with my school stuff is over 4GB!


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