Posted by: loungekitten | December 26, 2008

Dude, I’m Getting A Dell!

Anyone remember that old promotional campaign? Or am I just dating myself?

Well, it is true.  I ordered a new computer today.  It’s not going to ship until late January, though.  In my favorite color, red!

Santa did not deliver!  On Christmas eve, I walked into work and we were overwhelmed with orthopedic cases – all slips & falls on the “surprise” ice storm.  We knew the ice storm was coming, but the timing of the storm was not not accurately predicted so not much of the area was salted.  At 3 PM, we had 3 orthopedic surgeons operating on patients from the ER, and they already had Friday and most of Monday booked with appointments and surgeries.  The ortho doc on call for that day called us at 8:30 that night to see if there were any other cases for him in the ER.

I did get to do a pre-op blood draw on one of the patients sceduled for the ER today.  But most of my day was spent doing splints on patients who were able to wait for their appointments and surgeries.

Christmas itself wasn’t too busy.  Santa did send us two patients with abcesses, though, one of my favorite things!  (Draining abcesses is so gross, it’s awesome!)  They weren’t the best abcesses, though.  When I walked up to the hospital, I had a momentary fright.  One of our regulars was outside the door smoking a cigarette (don’t get me started on that).  Luckily, they’d already signed out AMA, although in this patient’s case, I wouldn’t say their leaving was against medical advice except in the legal sense.  I’m sure we’ll see them again by the end of the weekend.   Other than that it was a pretty dull Christmas in the ER.  Not too bad for time-and-a half.

I did not finish my Christmas gifts in time for the holiday.  I finished knitting my Mom’s Bounce beret today – I just need to seam and block.  My sister’s Fourteen is just about done, I really need have her here to make it to fit her, her neck is longer and thinner than mine.  Then, I just need to switch – I’ll make my sister’s Bounce and my Mom’s Fourteen.

And I guess that’s all I have for now!



  1. Good luck with your new notebook! 🙂

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