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My Thoughts On The Grey’s Anatomy Season So Far

This is a post I’ve been thinking of writing for a while.  I’ve read the criticism, and while I’ll admit there’s been more cringe-worthy stuff in the past few seasons, I think the show has slowly been getting back to where it was.

I’ll write this up issue-by-issue as they come to me. . .

Meredith and Derek

Are you happy, people?  Meredith and Derek are together, and according to the series creator they’re together for good, facing the difficulties of building a relationship and a life together.  Now they’re boooor-ing!  Did you not see that coming, Mer-Der shippers?  Really?

Meredith and The Diaries and Her Mental Health

So, Mer quits therapy and starts reading her mother’s diaries.  Yang was right, she’s not ready to leave therapy.  And reading her mom’s diaries has so far been benign, but sooner or later she’s going to come across something that’ll almost drive her off the deep end.  And hopefully back into therapy.  (According to either the writer’s blog or the producer podcasts, a heavy hint has been dropped that indicates this whole “reading my mom’s diaries” storyline is just a snake in the grass, waiting to strike.)

Fight Between Mer and Christina

It’s not normal!!  I was quite struck by the bitterness between them this past episode.

Christina and Dr. Hunt

I’m ready to see Christina in a relationship again.  She just seemed so sad last season.  Dr. Hunt seems as though he appreciates her, where Burke did not.

Christina and Everyone Else At Seattle Grace

I am happy to see Christina getting knocked down a peg or two professionally.  I can understand the drive to be competitive, but sometimes she’s just abusive.

Lexie and Mark

This, to me, is clearly a pathological relationship.  Hello, girl with daddy issues hooks up with older confirmed-batchelor-manwhore.  I thought that the relationship might turn into a substantial one, and preliminarily it seems that the writers are starting to take it in that direction.  Now that the actress is pregnant, there are some who feel that they would like to see a Mark-Lexie baby on the show.  No, no, a thousand times no!  Non.  Nyet.  They are not ready for that, baby as relationship glue would feel forced at this point in their story.

Lexie and George

I am so glad this has not happened yet.  Hopefully never will.  At first I was on board but then I remembered that George slept with Meredith and my next thought was that “Gee, George is really working his way through those Grey women!”  And before you think it’s just two, think back a few seasons when Ellis Grey made her first appearance at Seattle Grace Hospital and she thought that George was Thatcher and she made him spoon with her in the hospital bed.  I don’t think anything happened with Susan. . .before she died, anyway! 😉

“George” and the Grey’s Writers

In my humble opinion, George’s storyline has played out.  Either the writers really are so talented that they have led me to this point, or George’s story really has reached a natural plateau.  If they want to keep him on the show, they’ve got to throw something huge in the mix (which would be pretty intolerable for the fans).  Although it’s radical, I think they should write him out – maybe have him transfer to Mercy West, and maybe George makes a guest appearance every once in a while?  He’s really not doing much more right now.

Back to Lexie and the Crazy Interns

So many people thought this story was far fetched.  Removing Sadie’s appendix, yes, too far.  Giving #2 and epidural, yes, too far.  Cutting themselves to suture themselves – too far, but I’m sure it happens.  Practicing IV placement on each other – I know for sure that happens.

Don’t think so?  On the tour through my first choice PA program, we were shown the exam rooms where we partner up to give each other exams, place IVs in each other, etc.  We would stop short of giving each other rectal and pelvic exams.  And I’ve personally known some of the other techs to bring IV start kits home to practice on their willing family members.

Appalled?  We could practice on the patients. . .

Callie and the Ladies

I was a little disappointed when the Callie/Hahn storyline was abruptly.  I thought it was an interesting one.  I understand why Hahn would have a limited life on a show like this.  Her basic personality seemed one-dimensional to me, and it would be pretty incredulous to see the character make any leaps that were larger than the ones seen in the show.

Sadie and Callie are going nowhere, I think.  I sense that Sadie is here primarily to move Meredith’s story forward.  To me, Sadie’s personality is flirtatious – she seems like the type to flirt with the paint on the walls.  I feel what’s been presented has been Callie’s perception of Sadie, to show us what Callie’s thought processes are right now.  Besides, most of the chatter online points to a budding romance between Callie and Arizona, the new pediatric surgeon.

Bailey and her Career

Bailey is feeling weary right now, something’s going to need to change for her.  Does anyone else think that Bailey might be suited to trauma surgery?  She’s got the most important characteristic, I think – the abilty to manage competing priorities.  Plus, now that Dr. Hunt’s around, Bailey could work with him!  Yes, I think it works!  (The other thing – I think that trauma surgeons have schedules that can work more like shift work – better for the family!)

Alex and his Career

Alex has been such an underdog, I’m so glad he got the solo surgery, and his confidence seems to be surging.  The real test for him will be to see how he handles Izzie’s illness – is he going to change how he reacts?


Oh, Izzie, I understand your character so much.  I really mostly love your character.

What I think has happened is this.  From the beginning, Shonda Rimes has said that she had the whole series planned out, from beginning to end.  She knew when characters were going to be coming and going, the basic storylines – just maybe not the details.  Around the time Izzie was stealing a heart for Denny, Shonda started hinting in the podcast that some people may leave the surgical program. and I think she was trying to prepare the audience for the possibilty of Izzie leaving in the beginning of the third season.  And I don’t think Shonda is the type to pull her punches.

Then Katherine Heigl’s career exploded.  What I think may have happened behind the scenes is that the executives realized they had lightning in a bottle, and locked Katherine Heigl into a contract and possibly told Shonda to live with it.  And since then, Izzie’s character has just been adrift, it seems.  She’s had some of the greatest moments in the show and some of the worst.  It would make sense if the character was to have been written out at the end of Season 2 or the beginning of Season 3.

Now Denny is back.  Ultimately, I think that the Denny/Izzie storyline exists to showcase Alex and his reaction to Izzie’s illness.  I’ve been much more willing to let the scenario play out than other fans have been, but if it lasts another month until sweeps I think I’ll tire of it.

As to the current storyline being punishment for Katherine Heigl’s outburst last year – maybe it’s true?  Certainly this story could go either way.  Maybe it’s just a “friendly” warning?

How I feel about people’s reaction to that whole fiasco is a whole other post.  The facts are what they are.

Knitting Inspiration

Because everywhere I look I see knits I’d like to copy. . .

The scarf

The scarf

It’s hard to find a good picture of it, but look at that scarf.  I must have it.  I already have yarn for it! 🙂



  1. I don’t think the Izzie / Denny storyline is that bad. It is not unreasonable for someone with a brain problem (tumour like) in Izzie’s case to hallucinate. Far worse was the idiotic interns operating on themselves..which was completely ridiculous. As to the current storyline being punishment for Katherine Heigl’s outburst last year, this is beyond ridiculous that people have even suggested it. Firstly why would ABC try to sabotage their own show, secondly Heigl’s movie career is such that she makes more doing that then she does in an entire year of Grey’s. She would probably welcome it, to make more movies. Shonda simply is not that powerful – she does what she is told by ABC and president Stephen McPherson is aware that Katherine Heigl is the biggest name on the show and essentially instructed Shonda to give her a decent storyline. Unfortunately the writing has not been wonderful – but Heigl certainly has been brilliant in her portrayal of Izzie’s decline. We know JDM is in the show until February so this storyline still has a few weeks to run.

    • Sounds like you and I are on the same page, Greysfan!

  2. […] Cast Turmoil I’ve said (or at least hinted) before that the Katherine Heigl/Izzie Stevens drama is something I have pretty strong opinions about.  […]

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