Posted by: loungekitten | January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother!

My brother’s birthday is today.  Eventhough he doesn’t read this blog, I just thought I’d send the sentiment out there in the universe. . .damn, I’ll have to call him later!

Knit night is tonight, and I’ll be able to go!  Woo hoo!

O.K., what follows is a bitter rant.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to hear coarse language or. . .bitterness.

I heard this on the radio while driving to school today:  the “no private corporate jets for companies receiving Federal bailout money” provision of the bailout legislation has been removed.  So all those executives can now travel in style to which they are accustomed.  The reason for the change?  Representatives from Kansas complained that there would be job losses in their state because that’s where the manufacturing plants for the planes or plane’s parts (I can’t remember which) are located, and less corparate big-wig flying time = less demand for corporate jet parts or replacement corporate jets.

So all anyone had to do was drop the key phrase “job losses” and get some Congressional action.  Well played, executives, well played.  I mean if Bernie “Made Off with people’s money” can live in luxury under house arrest, why should these “deserving” executives be deprived of their “just” rewards?

You know what, Congress, judges, and other members of the good ol’ boys network:  YOU CAN KISS MY BIG FAT ASS!

Bernie Madoff and his family should be living in a tenament.  Hell, what do I need to do to get arrested so I can be placed under house arrest at Madoff’s swank Manhattan digs?  No need to worry about a speedy trial!

I haven’t been out of the state in which I live for over a year.  I’ve been on a semi-permanent “staycation” for at least the last three years and you know what – my father works for an airline, I don’t need to pay for airfare!  I can’t afford a vacation because of school, and in my free time I work to maintain a poverty-level lifestyle.  Fuck your damn private jets.  Quit your whining and grow a pair!

There I feel better.


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