Posted by: loungekitten | January 23, 2009

Unmitigated Gall

I read heard about this when I woke up this morning.  I guess we won’t see the end of these kinds of stories for a while.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most about corporate executive excess is the fact that psychologically the American worker has been raked over the coals for a while now.  These are the men (and very few women) who make us think hey chump, you are lucky to have a job.  So they willingly work harder, “smarter” (because they were working so “dumb” before), and longer hours to produce profits for the shareholders and extra gravy for the executive gravy train.

As much as I’d like to associate this sort of culture of entitlement with the Bush era (is it to soon to call it an era?), it started a while before that.  I think there was additional pressure during the Bush years, because corporate tax laws were changed that made it more favorable to move American jobs overseas.  So the American worker had better put up, or shut up, right?  God forbid the American worker ask for reasonable work hours, adequate health care coverage, or decent pensions and retirement plans.  Not when there is someone overseas who won’t ask for any of that, and work for less money to boot.

My dad said something in one of our past phone conversations:  If you ever wanted to know what the Bush administration was really up to, just listen to whatever the conservative talk/radio show hosts were blowing smoke about on their shows, then think about the other side of the coin.  So, they start talking about illegal immigrants taking American jobs, blow it all out of proportion.  All the while, American corporations are shipping American jobs overseas to India, or wherever the hotspot du jour is.  It really does seem as though the illegal immigration issue was just a bone for the dogs to chew on while the theives steal the goods.

I’ve grown up in a pro-union family, so take my next sentiment for what it’s worth.  I think it’s time for the union to make its resurgence.  True, unions have their own problems with corruption.  But I feel that the American worker has been abused since the decline of unions.  The highly paid executives of these companies need to learn how much money their companies can really make without the “dime-a-dozen-chumps” that do the actual work and produce the products that consumers buy, while working in their bland factories or cubicles decorated with pictures of the family they never get to see.  No Charles IV chairs for them, they’re lucky if they get a Herman Miller chair.

Before you start thinking I’m some sort of socialist (hmm, I might be, but I digress. . .) do me one favor:  go and google the term “interlocking directorates”.  Don’t want to do that for me?  Just consider this phrase and how it might apply to the corporate boards and CEOs:  “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”


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