Posted by: loungekitten | January 29, 2009

Catalogue du Tricot Numero Un

J’ai recu mes catalogues du tricot!

I just have time for a rather short post today.  I think I’ll post about Phildar Best Irlandais, Issue #802.

First, I have to say one thing about the online previews of knitting magazines:  I don’t like them.  I love the anticipation, but often I find that details that make all the difference in the world just aren’t visible in those online pictures.  I have hated projects that I viewed online that I later loved once I saw the picture in the magazine.  Less often, a few projects I liked after viewing the online previews are cast aside because of some unflattering details that only become visible when I can see the magazine photo.

Phildar Best Irlandais No. 802

Phildar Best Irlandais No. 802

In the case of this issue of Phildar, luckily, it was more of the former sentiment.  I really only liked one, maybe two of the patterns in this issue and the low sale price made the purchase a bargain for me (2.00 Euro on the Phildar website, including the French VAT which Phildar refunds automatically for shipments to the US).  I was happy to not only confirm that I liked the one or two patterns that spurred my magazine purchase, but I also liked one or two more sweaters!

Phildar Irlandais Hoodie

Phildar Irlandais Hoodie

This is one of the patterns that I liked before I saw the magazine in person.  Isn’t it cute?  I don’t normally go for the designs with hoods, but if the overall pattern is cute I make exceptions.  I love all the cable patterns in this sweater, and they’re not too bulky so they’re flattering.

Phildar Irlandais Turtleneck

Phildar Irlandais Turtleneck

Another one of the sweaters I liked immediately.  Love the center cable!  And again, the cables don’t add a lot of bulk to the sweater.  Probably the only change I would make for myself is to get rid of the turtleneck. . .but then again, maybe not!

Phildar Irlandais Crew Neck

Phildar Irlandais Crew Neck

I like this sweater, which also appears on their cover.  While I like the cable pattern in the center, I think that it is a little bulky.  What really makes this sweater for me is the cable off to the side next to the armholes.  I love the little detail in that cable pattern.  You can see the cable a little better in the picture on the left.

Phildar Irlandais Split Neck with Zipper

Phildar Irlandais Split Neck with Zipper

I always liked the patterns in the body of the sweater, but in the preview picture online I was a bit suspicious about whatever was going on with the neck of the sweater.  Well, it’s got a zipper there!  I know, why would they do that!?  I think I’d change it to a row of little buttons myself.

There are other patterns in the magazine for men and for kids.  I wasn’t interested in those patterns, there’s no one in my life for whom I’d knit such things right now!  The patterns were nice, and men always look good in Aran sweaters, anyway.

Another thought that ran through my mind when paging through this magazine:  Phildar likes to do these highly-stylized photo layouts and sometimes the style interferes with my appreciation for the sweater itself.

Another totally unrelated knitting note:  I really like the turtleneck sweater that Diane Sawyer is wearing on Good Morning America this morning.  She has worn this one before.  It is dark greyish-blue on the top quarter or third of the sweater, and the rest is black.  I think I must have one like it. . .yes, I must!


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