Posted by: loungekitten | February 4, 2009

There’s A Winter Wonderland Outside

Right now, outside, is the one or two “golden hours” for me when it comes to snow and winter storms.  I’m here in my house, nice and warm, and outside I can see the snow on the trees, the sun is just coming up, and the light  reflecting off the snow is just so special.  In just about a half-hour, I need to go outside and shovel my driveway and clean off my car so I can get to my 12 o’clock class and lab today.  My 8 AM class was cancelled because of the weather.  I’ll drive around and see the sludge on the roads and think, man, winter is just ugly and depressing.  How much longer until spring arrives?

We got 6.1″ of snow with this last storm.  We got more snow than most people in the area – according to the local weather reporters, our town was in an area where there was a “microburst” of precipitation activity last night.  Most of the surrounding area only got about 3″ of snow.  Maybe when I go out to clean up, I’ll take some pictures and edit this post later to include them.

Of course, the weather has interfered with another Knit Night!  I really don’t think I’ll attend tonight, my plans are on hold.  I want to see how and if the roads clear up.  Please, if anyone else from my Knit Night is reading, don’t drive out to Borders if the roads are icy and dangerous tonight.

Here’s an update on the Pomeranian Posse:  for the time being, it isn’t going to be much of a posse.  We are getting one of the Pomeranians to start.  We may not even get the second Pomeranian we wanted.  It seems that she was put on hold for another family, but apparently MLAR has not heard from the family for a while.  So the rescue at least needs to contact that other family in order to find out if they still want her or not.  Also, we had expressed concerns about taking in puppy mill dogs, and had wanted to foster them first.  Turns out that MLAR really does not like to do “failed fosters,” which basically in our case (and others) means we’d be taking the dog for a trial period and then deciding if we want to adopt.  I’m sure it must happen, but I just think that it’s not their intent to enter into such an arrangement.  So we will be adopting one Pomeranian.  My mother went to the rescue’s “Shy Dog” class on Monday night and got the opportunity to work with our dog, Cha Cha.  Of course, Cha Cha is not even shy, she approached everyone and they gave her treats.  But still, it was an opportunity for her to receive additional training and for my mother in particular to work with her.  Cha Cha was the dog who was more ready to come home when we first visited the rescue.  She really is very sweet.  (And she used to have a sister at the shelter named Samba, who was already adopted.  My mother wants to rename the dog Shirley, in honor of Shirley Temple.  Insert exaggerated eye roll.  I will try to continue to call her Cha Cha in secret.)


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