Posted by: loungekitten | February 5, 2009

Catalogue du Tricot Numero Quatre

Finalement, j’ examinerai le dernier catalogue du tricot que j’ai commande recemment de Phildar.  Il n’y a pas beaucoup des patrons dans ce catalogue que j’aime comme les autres.

The issue of Phildar that is the topic of this post is this one:

Automne-Hiver 2008

Automne-Hiver 2008

I don’t mind the design on the cover, but I don’t know if I’d ever make it for myself.  The dress below is not something I really want to make.  However, given my penchant for drapey cowlnecks, I wanted to have the pattern as a matter of instruction.  Here is the dress:

Pull Robe Quietude

Pull Robe Quietude

Another sweater with a huge cowl neck.  This one is more turtleneck than loose.  And I’m not sure overall if I would look good in this sweater, anyway.  But, I am happy to have the pattern.  It’s the green one.

Pull Tunique Beaugency

Pull Tunique Beaugency

I really didn’t realize that this sweater was in this magazine before I bought it.  I know that in the I “heart” Phildar group on Ravelry someone had a question about the sweater and when I saw the picture of it in Ravelry I thought it was nice.  It was a pleasant surprise to see the sweater in this issue, I had pretty much dismissed it when I saw the preview on Phildar’s website.

Pull Nuage Mordore

Pull Nuage Mordore

The last sweater to sort of grab my attention as something different that I might actually make is the one below.  It’s pretty basic, I know, and I’d probably nix the puffy sleeves.

Pull Giboullees

Pull Giboullees

This issue actually had patterns for two men’s sweaters.  The other thing I noticed is that there were a lot of knit dresses (maybe to sell more yarn?), and they looked nice on the skinny models.  The other sweaters were also nice, they just didn’t grab my attention.  Maybe as the issue “ages” I will find more sweaters that I like.

Phildar seems to be going with this 1980s fashion revival.  Who knows, it might happen.  (I’m listening to Rock Lobster by the B-52s right now and it might be influencing my thoughts on the last sentiment.)  This is a pattern from last fall’s second autumn issue:



The look on her face?  “Please let me get out of this thing as soon as possible!”  It looks like she’s trying to sneak away from the camera before the photographer could capture this on film.  Then the photographer said, “Not so fast, Phildar model!”  (Either that or Rock Lobster was actually playing at the photo shoot.)

Most of the rest of the issue is decent.  And in their most recent issue, the design excess of 1980s fashion seems to be toned down, but not the colors.

Other knitting news:  My finished Pink still defies photography!  I am so getting a new digital camera soon, hopefully this may remedy the blurriness.  That’s not the only problem with Pink, thouugh.  I need to unravel the sleeves and make more decreases.  The sleeves are too loose around my lower arms.  I’m not sure when I will do this.  But I may not get a modeled shot of the sweater until I  do that.

And I have saved the best news for last:  we are getting our doggie today, at 11:30 AM.  Woot, woot!  Woot, woot!  I am so excited!!


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