Posted by: loungekitten | February 6, 2009

Day One With New Dog

We got our dog yesterday!  Cha Cha has been shy with us and unsure of her new surroundings.  It’s to be expected of any new dog, especially one who started life in a puppy mill.  And last night we kept her in her crate, which she didn’t like very much.  She barked for a few hours, and finally wore herself out.

Then when I took her out in the back yard this morning (on a leash), she tried to make a run for it!  She ran straight to the fence at the back of yard and stuck her little snout between the slats.  But her fluffy, fluffy body would never make it through! 🙂

I got two good pictures of her yesterday.  Here’s the one I brought to work so everyone could see her (plus, whenever I was a little stressed I would look at the picture and it would calm me!).

Cha Cha first Picture

Then right before I was going to leave I saw her in the pose in the next picture and I had to get the picture.

Cha Cha Lady

She’s crossing her legs because she’s a little lady dog! I’m not sure if this is something all Pomeranians do, because she keeps sitting with her legs crossed.

Today is like a whole new deal for her. I swear she looked at us this morning as if to say, “Who are these people?” So I am sure it will be a process. She seems a little bored today, and she didn’t eat this morning. But everyone has told us that it could be a few days before she eats.

I’m also going to post a few more finished objects on my Finished Objects 2009 page. The projects are already posted in Ravelry.


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