Posted by: loungekitten | February 17, 2009

2.17.09 – Tuesday Ten

A quick list to start the day.  Sometimes I just really like making lists!

  1. Icing Sugar – The Cure
  2. Barely Listening – Pilot Speed
  3. The Power Of Goodbye – Madonna
  4. Release – Pearl Jam
  5. The Game Of Love – Santana featuring Michelle Branch
  6. Here Is Gone – Goo Goo Dolls
  7. Secret – Maroon 5
  8. One Of Those Days – Joshua Radin
  9. Sweet Soul Sister – The Cult
  10. Shut Up And Let Me Go – The Ting Tings

Yesterday, I was perusing the offerings at the school’s “food court”.  It’s really just a bunch of different food stations with a variety of selections run by Aramark  plus a Chik-fil-a.  So I passed by the pizza station and I saw the most interesting slice of pizza, ever.  It was a Sicilian style slice of pizza, what I presume to be one of their vegetable slices because I saw some green peppers and onions.  On this particular day, someone decided that potatoes should be a part of the vegetable mix, and the form of potato someone chose to use as a topping was the hash brown.  Seriously, a big ol’ rectangle of fried shredded potato goodness embedded in the mozzarella cheese right in the middle of each slice.  The pizza makers have made mistakes in the past.  One day I picked up a plain cheese slice and a barbeque chicken slice, and when I settled in to eat them I found that the sauces had been mixed up.  That’s right, the barbeque sauce was on the plain cheese, and the regular tomato sauce was on the barbeque chicken.  However, I feel that the hash browns were no accident.  They were too carefully placed in the middle of each slice to be an accident.  I wish I had my camera with me, I really would have taken a picture of this special pizza.  I was not brave enough to try the hash brown pizza.


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