Posted by: loungekitten | February 19, 2009

No Way!!!!!

I found a link to this site, Crazy Blind Date via Wonkette.  It seems like everything you wouldn’t want from an Internet date.

I can’t help but notice that Philly isn’t on the list of cities where you can have a crazy blind date.  But there is a page where you can vote for your city.  So get out there and vote, people of Philadelphia!

Knit Night last night was very relaxing.  I showed off my catalogues du Phildar in person.  This led to a brief discussion of how to laugh in French.  Uh, huh, huh.

Lets, see. . .it was someone’s birthday last night, and it was revealed that next year will be a big birthday for both her and her husband, so they are thinking of having a huge blowout party.  We gave her some ideas for a truly spectacular party.  My suggestions were to have fireworks, a champagne flute pyramid, and a Rice Krispie treat sculpture of David.  However, I think that the champagne flute idea has been trumped by the giant mojito fountain idea.  The mint would have to be done separately, though, since it could clog the fountain.  Someone else suggested an Alpaca pinata, but that seemed very wrong and Jen said she step in to prevent the pinata from felling any blows from the drunken revelers.  It’s just a start on the planning process.

Oh, and also, we are going to have an exotic visitor from Vancouver next week!  It’s all very exciting!

Also, we noted and are getting anxious for new information on this year’s Maryland Sheep & Wool festival.  We’re keeping an eye out for this year’s information.  We assured those that had never been to the festival that usually there are more vendors each year than the last, though this year may be some sort of exception considering the current state of the ecomomy.

In other news, my dog has learned how to go up and down our stairs.  She is still settling in here and getting used to us, though she is still shy.  But still so cute!  Awww. . .


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