Posted by: loungekitten | March 8, 2009

An Interesting Piece Of News, If True

I just read this on the Think Progress blog.  It’s interesting to think that Arlen Spector would leave the Republican party after being a Republican for so long.  I wonder if that would really increase his chances of keeping his seat in the Senate.

To be honest, he’s a hard guy to vote against.  I’ve voted against him in past elections because he is a Republican, but I’ll admit I had to think really hard about it.  Not only is he a long-standing Senator with a lot of political capital, but I regard him as one who actually does his job – i.e., he represents the people that have elected him to office and votes accordingly, which means he may not always follow the Republican party line.  (I feel that most people in this state are socially liberal and economically conservative.  I feel that this represents my own views, except I’m not economically conservative to the point of being penny wise and pound foolish.)

The other point in the article I wonder about is the increasing conservatism of Pennsylvania’s Republican constituency.  I have no doubt that Terry Madonna is right about that.  So I guess Spector could be voted out at the primary level and not make it to the general election.

I’m thinking about what the increasing conservatism means for the general election.  After all, it was not so long ago that the voters of this state voted Santorum (conservative for sure!) out of office.  So now the Republican party is going to put up a potentially weaker, lesser known candidate in the general election for a Senate seat?  It seems like kind of a gamble to me.

Small knitting note:  I’ve just started the little bit of colorwork on my double secret probation project.  I’m very far behind where I wanted to be at this point, but I lost a day of knitting during my spring break.  (I’ll probably do a spring break recap post tomorrow, from school.)  The other big problem with DSPP is that it is now too big to be portable, so I can’t bring it to school to work on – I already carry enough around and look like a bag lady!  The first part of the body is finished, the sleeves are finished and attached to the body, and the largest part of the yoke is finished.  It’s one heavy knit right now, just when I’ve started the colorwork so I’ve got more skeins of yarn hanging off the back to boot!  And the Basic Chic Pulli really is not that portable either.  So I think I need to come up with another project to knit, soon!


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