Posted by: loungekitten | April 18, 2009

Very Superstitious

So, someone found my blog last week by using the search phrase “Is a broken glass frame bad luck”.  Well, did you find the answer you were looking for?

When I was leaving work yesterday, my car wouldn’t start.  Not a battery problem, because all the lights were working and I was able to unlock my doors by remote.  The engine wasn’t even trying to turn over.  Great.  It wasn’t like I was already planning to spend my afternoon in a garage because I already had an appointment to get my rear brakes fixed.

So I called to cancel the appointment to fix my brakes.  Then I called my insurance company for roadside assistance.  They covered the cost of a tow to the nearest dealership (or equivalent mileage).  That wasn’t going to get me back to the garage where I usually take my business, so I told them to tow me to the Pep Boys up the street, which I know is always phenomenally busy.

So after I had arranged all this, I turned the key in the ignition to make a note of which warning lights lit up on the dashboard.  The parking brake light was on, and I thought it was going to have to be off when the tow truck came, so I released it. . .and my car rolled forward a significant amount.  My intuition told me to try to start the car again, and of course it started!  Thank goodness, I would have looked like a complete idiot when we got to the shop with the car!  So then I needed to cancel all the arrangements that had been made, reaffirm my appointment to get my brakes fixed and be on my way.  Thankfully, it all worked out!

Except the mechanic did something with the parking brake yesterday while replacing the rear brakes and now I have to go back there this morning to have them fix that.  At least it won’t cost me more money. . .

My sister came here this morning.  (Our dog is so afraid of her!)  I showed her the afghan I am knitting for her, and she seems excited.  So far, using math and logic and thinking things through has been working for this project, it seems to be turning out well!

For the second block, the pattern says to pick up 66 stitches along the side of the first block, presumably, one stitch from each garter ridge on the first block.  In the pattern gauge, that means that the length of the first block must be 12 inches (132 rows / 11 rows/inch).  So, I figured the number of stitches to pick up for the second block for the gauge of the yarn I’m using – which is 4 stitches/inch.  12 inches * 4 stitches/ inch = 48 stitches to pick up for the second block.

Then, the pattern instructions state to knit 33 garter stitch ridges.  That’s 6 inches, just half the length of the first block.  So I should need to knit 24 garter stitch ridges, half of the number I needed for the first block.  And just to confirm that my assumptions and logic are correct, I analyzed the pattern instruction for the third block as a check.

The pattern says to pick up and knit 109 stitches from the bound-off edge of block 1 and the side of block 2.  In pattern gauge, that’s (109 stitches / 5.5 stitches/inch) 19.82 inches.  Indeed, I had calculated a width of 13.82 inches for block 1 before, and block 2 added 6 inches.  So, if I pick up the 56 stitches for the width of block 1, then 24 stitches from the side of block 2, a total of 80 stitches, I should get the number of stitches I need for the third block in the yarn I’m using.  80 stitches/4 stitches/inch = 20 inches.  Close enough!  I am convinced this project is going to work out well, at this point.

ETA:  It will cost about $200 more to fix my rear brakes.  Sigh.  And guess what:  I didn’t get into a PA program this year.  I am going to look into changing my major, probably later this week.  Still a PA-program-friendly major (i.e., no one would look at the major and wonder why I was applying to PA school), but not necessarily a traditional one, either.  I will probably change to a dual major of Cellular & Molecular Biology and Microbiology, since I really enjoy those areas and I’ve taken a lot of the required classes for both of those concentrations.


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