Posted by: loungekitten | June 16, 2009

6.16.09 – Tuesday Ten – Pre-empted By News Of Finished Object!

I’m not going to post a Tuesday Ten today, because I want to focus attention on this:

Moderne Log Cabin Blanket

Moderne Log Cabin Blanket

Yes, I finished the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket!  I made this blanket for my sister and my brother-in law as a wedding gift.  The colors in the blanket are their wedding colors – well, at least the light blue, the dark brown and the beige colors are.  I threw in the navy to go with the light blue and the beige.  I wish the navy was more of a deep violet color, to represent the hydrangeas from her wedding.  If the weather keeps up this gloomy pattern, the happy couple might get to use the blanket earlier than planned!  The details for the project follow. . .

Pattern: Moderne Log Cabin Blanket by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne from Mason-Dixon Knitting.  The page of the book with this pattern can be viewed for free on – the only details missing are the instructions for the border.

Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Solid in Linen (Color A), Espresso (Color B), Silver Blue (Color C), and Navy (Color D).  I wrote in an earlier post why I chose this yarn for this project:  washability, availability of colors I wanted in one yarn, and affordability would be the top three reasons for my choice.  Once I washed the blanket, the acrylic yarn got softer, without much pilling.

Needles & Gauge: The Vanna’s Choice yarn is a great deal heavier than the recommended yarn used in the pattern, Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool.  I used size 9 needles and my gauge was 16 sts x 32 rows in garter stitch.

Finished Size: 60″ x 50″ or so I assume.  I never put a tape measure to the finished blanket.   I adjusted the number of stitches cast on or picked up for each block to accommodate the large differences in gauge between the pattern yarn and the yarn I used.

Pattern Modifications: None, other than changing row and stitch counts to make this blanket the same size as the one in the book.  Oh, the pattern also specifies that Color D was to be used to make the border of the blanket.  By my sister’s request, I made the border out of Color C, the Espresso color.

Another picture of the blanket!

Another picture of the blanket!

My Impressions Of The Project: Wow, that was a lot of garter stitch!  Perfect for TV knitting;  I watched the entire first four seasons of Lost, the half of this season’s In Treatment that I hadn’t seen yet, and part of the first season of Arrested Development while knitting this!  I would have been perfectly happy just knitting this a little bit at a time, but since it was a present and summer is may be approaching, I decided to get a move on and finish it.  The project starts out innocently enough – the first few blocks are finished so quickly!  But as the size of the blocks grows, it becomes difficult to realize that you are actually making progress.  I’m not really ready to make any more blankets anytime soon, but I’m afraid I have to – my sister is expecting and her due date is around Christmas!  At least I got to order some yarn today to get moving on those gifts!


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