Posted by: loungekitten | July 7, 2009

7.7.09 – Tuesday Ten

This one is cutting it close.  I was away for a long weekend and I’ve been trying to upload pictures from my trip.  I can’t believe how many pictures I took!  I’m going to try to post about my weekend tomorrow.

  1. Stupid Girl – Garbage
  2. Better Off – Let’s Go Sailing
  3. Street Lights – Kanye West
  4. Specialist – Interpol
  5. Where Are You Going – Dave Matthews Band
  6. Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order
  7. Loser – Beck
  8. Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day
  9. Everywhere –  Michelle Branch
  10. 32 Flavors – Ani Difranco

I have two pictures to share.  First, one of my pretty dog:

Being held at the parade

Being held at the parade

And another picture from my garden.  This is a small crookneck squash just starting to develop:

Itty bitty crookneck squash

Itty bitty crookneck squash

Let me post this before midnight!



  1. This is all good, but when are you coming to knitting again? We’ve missed you.

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