Posted by: loungekitten | July 8, 2009

I’m On A Boat!

Never thought I’d be on a boat. . .

On my last day at the shore, we went on a boat tour.  It wasn’t a long one, but it was fun enough!  The pictures above are from that boat trip.  I didn’t have much power left in my camera battery, so I was just pointing and shooting.  I want to go back for a day trip down there – maybe on Friday!  I am addicted to going to the shore!

I took so many pictures on July 4th that I ran by camera battery down!  First we went to a parade in the morning,  Actually, I really don’t like parades, I think they’re boring unless you are in it.  However, one of my cousins was going to be in the parade, so I went.  Of course, he was riding on one of the fire engines, so we had to stay until the bitter end.  This parade was about two hours long!  I think the organizers must have put out a call for every church group, old car and beauty queen in the area to participate!

Ms. New Jersey Sanior America

Ms. New Jersey Senior America

When this car went by, someone nearby said, “Here come the cougars!”  Ha ha.  Well, my favorite float was the one from the Red Cross:

Smithville Parade Red Cross 1

Red Cross Parade Float

Red Cross Parade Float

Then, later that night we saw the fireworks.  Unfortunately, our view wasn’t that spectacular:

Being back from the shore has been somewhat of a let down.  But, I am planning to go to Knit Night tonight, so things are looking up!


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