Posted by: loungekitten | August 11, 2009

8.11.09 – Tuesday Ten

Mondays in the emergency room are always hectic, and I worked 12 hours yesterday. . . More on that after the Tuesday Ten.

  1. Life In Technicolor – Coldplay
  2. Malibu – Hole
  3. Wait – Get Set Go
  4. Say It Right – Nelly Furtado
  5. Fade Into You – Mazzy Star
  6. The Dress Looks Nice On You – Sufjan Stevens
  7. Sing It Back – Moloko
  8. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night – Bon Jovi
  9. Notorious – Duran Duran
  10. Love Will Come Through – Travis

That’s a fairly eclectic mix right there.

So anyway, yesterday was very busy in the Emergency Room.  Most people were there for real reasons yesterday, so I can’t complain about that.  At one time, my direct supervisor (and I have many bosses, rest assured) had hung up a little “cartoon” (not really a cartoon, there were no drawings) which said the following:

A sign was posted in the Emergency Room near the triage desk.  It was titled “How You Know You Have An Emergency”  followed by a list of conditions that constitute an emergency.  Then, at the bottom, it said “If you just stopped to read this sign it’s not an emergency!”

If you are registered to be seen in an Emergency Room and you are sitting out in the waiting room, it is for many good reasons.  We don’t hold you out in the waiting room in order to torture you.  Arriving by ambulance for a minor injury in hopes that you will see a doctor sooner is not a good strategy, either, because we send those people out to the triage area when we don’t have beds available and there are ten patients out in the waiting room who are all sicker that you and managed to drag their own butts to the hospital.  (Plus, your insurance company may not pay for the ambulance ride over, since they may say that it was not necessary.)

And if you are calling the emergency room to find out results of tests conducted during your visit last week, please understand if we can’t answer your questions at that time.  We tell you at the time of your visit that we only call with positive results, and if you don’t receive a call it’s because your test was likely negative.  Because what I could do is put you on hold for ten minutes or until you hang up while I deal with the three other phone lines that are ringing with doctors calling back to consult with our doctors.  I think there is a better way I could have handled your call, but at the time I did what I could to cope with the situation I was facing at that moment.

Usually our Emergency Room is markedly less busy in the summer than it is in the winter.  We had patients in the hallways yesterday, so I can’t imagine what it will be like this winter, especially with the looming threat of the H1N1 flu (AKA swine flu) and its serious complications.


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