Posted by: loungekitten | August 24, 2009

Priorities, Priorities

While there is something that appeals to me about making a list and prioritizing it, I really hate it.  Most of the time I sit there while making the list and I keep thinking to myself, “You know, self, you could just be doing all this right now instead of thinking about doing it.”  Oh, well, here goes.

  1. Go to doctor’s appointment today.  I can’t exactly do this first, technically, since my appointment isn’t until 11:45.  But it is the most pressing thing on my schedule for today.
  2. Get books for school.  (Honestly, this one is in a little bit of a wobble position.  I’d like to get my books today, because I’d like to think that I would be a super student and start reading them right away.  It probably will not happen.  But you know when I’m not getting my books?  Anytime after Thursday of this week, since this weekend is move-in weekend and there is absolutely no place to park on campus, not even on the grass.)
  3. Finish the Hemlock Ring Blanket I knit for my nephew.  I was almost done, I ran out of yarn while knitting the cast-off row.  Arrrgh!  I had to order more.  I am putting this ahead of other knitting projects that should be finished before this one because the blocking needs to start today if I want to finish it before school starts next Monday.  And it will be the last thing finished that I have planned to make for my sister’s shower at the end of October.  Yay for finishing way ahead of time.
  4. Sew the buttons on the cardigan I made my mother for her birthday, which was back in March.  I’ve been putting it off by telling myself that it’s summertime and she has no use for a cardigan.  But seriously, if I don’t put a stop to working on other projects, it will never, never get done.
  5. Sew buttons on the Baby Pea Pod sweater, so that can be done before I go back to school.
  6. Weave in ends on textured shawl recipe shawl so I can block it.  My blocking space is going to be seriously limited.  And hopefully this sucker will grow once it’s blocked, otherwise I am going to need to find a small person who would accept this shawl as a gift.
  7. Finish my Seedless Raspberry sweater.  What is that you ask?  I am making a sweater that is mostly based upon the Tomato sweater by Wendy Bernard.  The yarn I’m using is Lion Brand Cotton Ease in their azalea color.  It’s a raspberry-ish color (maybe a little too bright to be raspberry), and I am not kntting the fair-isle band, hence the seedless.  Seedless raspberries might be the best thing ever if they existed, but they don’t.  So pineapple is the best.  I love pineapple.  Alright, anyway, I am almost finished this sweater, I think, despite having started it only a week ago, thanks to having to stay inside on Thurday and Friday due to a moderate sunburn that I didn’t want to make any worse than it was.  Plus, it has short sleeves so once I’m finished the body (I’m more than half-way through the waist shaping), it will go quickly.  And I could probably wash it in the washer once I’m finished.  Isn’t that nice?
  8. Finish my Basic Chic Pulli.  I’m approaching the one-year mark on that one.  Let’s get it finished in less than a year!  Woo hoo!

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