Posted by: loungekitten | September 4, 2009

Brief Blurbs

I week of school down.  It’s been O.K., so far.  I am way behind in reading, though.

I had to pay for parking today.  There were no parking spots when I got to campus today.  So I had to park at a meter, and it wasn’t even one that was close to my class.

Also, I have finished several knitting projects.  I finally finished the Fair Enough cardigan for my mother:

Back DetailAnd here is a close-up of the buttons that I finally chose to finish the cardigan:

Button Detail

The buttons are a closer match in person than what appears in this photo.  Overall, the colors in the first picture above are closer to the actual colors in the cardigan, and the second picture has a yellow tint to it.

I also finished the Big Bad Baby Blanket for my nephew, who will be born this December (or January, if my sister is unlucky):

Big Bad Baby Blanket Finished!!!

Big Bad Baby Blanket Finished!!!

There’s not much to say about the project.  It’s fairly easy, though working with  two strands of yarn it’s easy to hit snags.  My version came out a bit sheer but I think it’s nice, my nephew won’t be overheated when wrapped in it!  The special thing about the knitting, though, is that I decided to do a sewn cast-off instead of the regular one, so the cast-off edge looks just like my cast-on edge.  For that, this blanket will go into my finishing hall of fame.

I also finished a sweater – Tomato, a sweater designed by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic.  I don’t have any pictures yet, plus I need to find a little cami to wear underneath it, because the neckline is a tad too low for me.  I am making another one, and I will adjust the pattern accordingly.

I may get a ton of finishing done this weekend.  The pets and the parent are going to the shore for the weekend.  That means I will probably have the best chance of blocking the Hemlock Ring blanket this weekend – I can just spread it out on the living room floor.  Heck, even I’ve got to work two shifts this weekend, so I’ll be out of the way!  I should also have some time to weave in the ends on my textured shawl and be able to block that project.  Moment of truth, I suppose, and I hope that it blocks out larger than what it is now.  I should also be able to sew the buttons onto my nephew’s Pea Pod baby sweater, then that will be finished.  Who knows, maybe I will also finish my Basic Chic Pulli and start blocking that one.  It is a long weekend, after all!

Right now I’ve got to go, my parking meter is about to run out.  I’ll proofread and post this quickly, so sorry if there are more silly mistakes than usual.


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