Posted by: loungekitten | October 13, 2009

10.13.09 – Tuesday Ten Plus Some Scarlet

Just a quick Tuesday Ten and some pictures:

  1. Time To Pretend (Radio Version) – MGMT
  2. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
  3. Classic Girl – Jane’s Addiction
  4. Walk On – U2
  5. Comes And Goes (In Waves) – Greg Laswell
  6. Here Goes Something – Nada Surf
  7. Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
  8. Read My Mind – The Killers
  9. Ooh La La – Goldfrapp
  10. Never Been Hurt – Sara Melson

That’s a nice little set right there.  Some of these songs make my smile (Here Goes Something), some make me tear up (Walk On, Never Been Hurt).  Others sort of rev me up for whatever lies ahead (Hollaback Girl, Ooh La La).

So, my dog Scarlet is a little camera shy.  Whenever someone pays attention to her, she gets too excited to stay still and is always moving!

Here’s a picture of her laying down on the floor.  She has this habit of laying down and flattening herself on the floor.  Her hind legs are stretched out behind her on the floor when she does this.  Here’s a picture of her doing this (it’s a dark picture, though, and a little out of focus – I did try to enhance it on my computer, so if it looks weird, that’s why).

Flat Scarlet!

Flat Scarlet!

And the yesterday she did something she hasn’t done, at least not at our house.

Scarlet, what are you doing!

Scarlet, what are you doing!

Who said you could get up there!

Who said you could get up there!

She jumped right up on our upholstered ottoman!  She has jumped up on the couch at my cousin’s house down at the shore, but never up on any of the furniture in our house, at least not to our knowledge.  Maybe she’s looking for Mommy and she thinks that Mommy is hiding from her and that maybe if she just got up higher then she could find her!!!  It was hilarious, but we really don’t want to encourage such behavior.  That Scarlet is a character!

I do have a lot on my of late, but today is not the day to write about it.  Have a good day!


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