Posted by: loungekitten | October 23, 2009

Unsolicited PSA #2

I’m pretty sure I have another Unsolicited PSA that I wrote about earlier in this blog’s life, so I’ll name this one #2.

It’s about driving, of course.

First, can we all agree that with gas prices being what they are, that exceedingly few people are out on the road in the middle of a weekday for a joyride?  That maybe they’ve got someplace they need to be?  Thanks, that goes a long way toward understanding some of the next few revelations.

When you are at a red light, and you see a “RIGHT HAND TURN SIGNAL” sign at the intersection, it is OK to complete your right-hand turn after you stop and determine that there is no pedestrian/cyclist/automobile traffic crossing in front of you, preventing you from making your turn.  You DO NOT need to wait until the green arrow is light is lit.  JUST GO.

Do y’all know what keep right, pass left means?  Really?  Then why is there a pile ‘o cars tailgating you while you buzz along in the left-hand lane at 50 MPH?  When the speed limit is 55 MPH?  And the flow of traffic is generally a much higher speed?

And I suppose this is really a subcategory of the paragraph above:  All trucks, vans, etc.:  you do not belong in the left-hand lane of a two-lane highway.  Get over in the right-hand lane.  If you stay in the left hand lane and I get to drive behind you, I will draft you (hey, fuel is expensive!) so it might be in your interest to get over in the right hand lane as soon as you can.

That’s all for now.  It’s late.


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