Posted by: loungekitten | October 26, 2009

Crazy Baby Shower

And no, my sister is not carrying a crazy baby.

Yesterday was my sister’s baby shower.  It was a pretty standard baby shower, except we didn’t play any games or anything.  Which is probably a good thing, because my family is kind of  big, my brother-in-law’s family is kind of big, and they’ve got a lot of friends – my sister got a ton of gifts.  She got two gifts of some kind of mirror/toy thing for my nephew, and I whispered to her, “Your child is going to be very vain.”  Ha, ha.  It was the only duplicate gift that she got.  Unfortunately, she accidentally broke a ceramic piggy bank.  Hopefully that does not portend bad fortune in that area. . .

No big event in our family ever goes off without some sort of hitch.  Nothing too weird, but I think we’re in the running for the real-life Griswold family prize.

Take one of my cousin’s weddings, for example.  We were at the reception hall and the DJ allowed us to start an impromptu karaoke party.  One of my young cousins (she’s 22 years younger than me!) started singing a song, and the crowed gathered to cheer her on.  One of my other cousins held up a lit lighter, like he was at a concert.  Except we’re a fairly tall family.  Not remarkably tall, but taller than average.  And the reception hall had been decorated with strings of lights wrapped in tulle.  The  flame of the lighter got dangerously close to the tulle, and my cousin had to be tackled in order to avert a huge disaster.

So, apparently before I got there (I was 15 minutes late, of course) a group of women sat down in the room at a table and started talking and having a good time.  After about a half-hour, someone from our family started talking to them and we realized that they were at the wrong shower, and that their shower was in the room next door.  We just thought that it was another funny “thing.”  Then my sister started opening her gifts, and I handed her a bag with a hand-made crochet blanket.  My sister lifted it out of the bag and said, “Oh, did you knit this?”  (I’ve long since given up trying to explain the difference between knitting and crocheting to my family.)  I told her that I didn’t, and everyone was oohing and aahing over the blanket as my sister started reading the card.  I was looking at the card to see who gave her the blanket, so I could tell her that she needed to tell everyone who gave her the gift (she kept forgetting!) and my first thought was, “Who is aunt Diane?”   I turned to look at my sister and she was folding up the blanket and putting it back in the bag, saying, “And this is not my shower gift!”  Then I looked at the still-open card and saw that it was addressed to “Sue and Matt,” parents-to-be who are not my sister and brother-in-law.

The waiter took the gift into to the other room. . .apparently, one of the ladies who wandered into our shower left it there when she went to the shower she was supposed to be attending.

Stuff like this happens to us all the time, I swear.

My sister liked the stuff I made for her.  Of course, one of my aunts said, “Where does she get the time!”  Not a comment of amazement in this case, but a comment meant to comfort my mother, who believes my returning to school to pursue another career is equivalent to shame of inestimably huge proportions and that my priorities should be work, school, preparing meals completely to her taste (i.e., more bland than white rice) and sleep in that order.  According to her, I should have no free time to consort with friends or knit.  Every time I get a free block of time, she asks why I am not at work.  I’ve explained to her in great detail why my work schedule doesn’t happen that way at least thirty-seven times, so I refuse to waste any breath trying to explain something that she has no intention of remembering to her again.

Oops, got a little off-topic there!  Anyhow, everyone thought my gifts were cute – they loved the Pea Pod Baby Set in particular!  I feel so lucky to have that pattern.

So now she’s got two more months of waiting.  Then I’ll have my nephew!


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