Posted by: loungekitten | November 2, 2009

Universal Perspective

This mural of sorts is hanging in the physics study room at school:


I wish things really were that simple.  I don’t know if this display is something that can be found elsewhere on the Internet, or where the person got the idea from, but there it is.  I have tried for most of my life not to sweat the small stuff, and I think I am healthier than my mom was at my age – not that I’m healthy right now.  However most people who do not know me well think I am a laid-back person because of this attitude.  Most people are surprised to find out just how “Type A” I really am, and usually they’re not pleasantly surprised, I’ve observed.  So maybe I’m fairly good at parsing through situations and figuring out what’s not important and what is. . .

Problem is, that someone else will make a big deal out of what you think isn’t important.  And if they’re really self-righteous and self-important, then they make sure the rest of the world sees it their way, no matter how patently ridiculous.  It seems that they’re more about wielding power at another person’s expense.

Just another observation, that’s all.

Also, had to say I loved Bonne Marie’s post today.  I have to say, I’ve had the same thought!  Makes you wonder why Kate Hudson bothers with any of  the Yankees. . .

Phillies, you’re not out yet!  Time to get it in gear!


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