Posted by: loungekitten | December 1, 2009

November Recap

Wow, only three posts for the whole month of November!  Where did this month go?

Today, something really, really, really bad happened to me.  Here’s a quote from Friends that I thought of after today’s “50 feet of crap.”

“I really thought I hit rock bottom. But today, it’s like there’s rock bottom, then 50 feet of crap, then me.”

I think I’ll write more about that tomorrow. . .right now I just want to write about some of the notable things I remember from this month:

  • World Series:  Bummer that the Phillies lost.  But yay because it was probably really one of the best World Series I can remember (note: I am not an ardent baseball fan, so bear with me).  It seems the teams were mostly evenly matched, so it wasn’t an anticlimactic blow out.  And these two teams really seemed to get along.  Derek Jeter and Jimmy Rollins may have been exchanging “Yo’ mama” jokes out there for all I know, but it seemed to me that they were having a good time doing what they were doing instead of a job.
  • My lab report on our group’s PCR experiment (for which I received a grade of 9 pts out of 10, by the way) received a great compliment. . .my professor wanted me to e-mail it to her to use as an example of how to write a lab report!  Seems like that would deserve a 10 out of 10 if you ask me, right!?!?!?
  • I got an H1N1 flu shot!  Now I just need to worry about those mutating strains of the virus.
  • Thanksgiving!  It used to be my least favorite food holiday of the year.  I’ve grown to like stuffing and whole berry cranberry sauce, though.  Still don’t like pumpkin pie.
  • I made my first apple pie!  I’ve made tarts with simple crusts before, but never a pie.  It  all seemed like a lot of work to me.  It kind of is, but it was less work than I thought it was going to be.  I need to improve the whole crust dough-rolling and edge shaping technique, but I heard no complaints at dessert time.
  • The whole Tiger Woods accident deal.  When I first heard about it, I was shocked.  I was driving to work and I heard the story on the radio (I’ll never forget where I was!  Hee, hee)  Anyway, the radio announcer then started to give details about the accident:
  • He ran over a fire hydrant and then slammed into a tree in his Cadillac Escalade  (Wow, that’s pretty lame – was he drunk?  High? is what I think).
  • And is in serious condition in a Florida hospital (Yeah, dying of embarrassment probably!)
  • His wife used a golf club to free him from the vehicle (Aww, how sweet  – wait a minute, I’m just getting the visual of a woman smashing car windows with a golf club.  I can only picture that woman being angry.  I mean most people would just try to open a door first before getting a golf club out.  Oh, ho, ho, this is not the real story!!!! Well, was I right or what?)
  • The Salahi’s.  Enough is enough.  There is a part of me that thinks. meh, they just crashed a party, no harm done, just leave them alone.  Then I think that there are some things that need to be enforced on principle.  Yes, the Secret Service screwed up.  But, the couple knew or has good reason to suspect that what they were doing was crossing some sort of line and that they shouldn’t be doing it.  But getting that kind of unauthorized access to our President has to have some consequences, whether it’s just some madcap scheme or something more sinister.

Did you read Crazy Aunt Purl’s guest post on this website?  I command you to read it.  I am going to start making my newsletter for the year now.  I’ll post it right here on this blog on Christmas.  Maybe Christmas Eve, as an early Christmas gift.  Is there really anyplace better to post this kind of newsletter, sanitized or not?

P.S. If you had to get a new cell phone and/or a new digital camera, what would you get?  I’m considering recommendations. . .



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