Posted by: loungekitten | December 4, 2009

50 Feet of Crap*

I just have not been able to catch a break lately.  The drama of the week is this:

On Monday, after one of my classes, I stood out in the hallway, talking to some people about the take-home test due later that day.  All of a sudden, I felt something wet against my left hip.

“Oh, no!” I screamed when I realized what it was.  Really, and surprisingly, I did not use any stronger language.

My water bottle had opened in my tote bag.  Before you say that I’m an idiot because you can see where this story is going, have to tell you that  this is not just any water bottle.  It has a metal clasp on it to keep it from springing open.  It is Mean-Mike** approved so that I can have it near the computers at work.  This is the water bottle that did not open when I tripped on the last step heading out of my house, causing me to face-plant and lose my grip on the bottle.  It rattled all the way down my driveway without opening as I lay writhing on the pavement.  I feel very comfortable just putting it in my bag and carrying it around without a second thought.

My cell phone and my digital camera were both in the bag.  Normally, I also carry my TI-84 scientific calculator in the bag too, but for whatever reason that day I had it in my regular backpack.

I immediately dumped everything out of the bag on the floor.  Took the batteries and memory card out of the camera and cell phone, and opened every compartment.  As soon as I got home that night, I submerged everything in bowls filled with rice in order to dry everything.

Well, that was a few days ago.  Last night, I tried to get my cell phone working, charged the battery. . .and it works!  Thank goodness, it was actually the thing I was more worried about replacing, in terms of cost.

I haven’t tried my camera again since the day it happened.  Luckily, the pictures on the memory card were saved – that compartment (which includes the battery) didn’t get too wet, if at all.  But when the camera is turned on it starts to take pictures automatically and since it makes a sound when a picture is recorded, it sounds like a flock of paparazzi following a starlet.  The LCD screen just displays lines on it.  I’m not optimistic about this camera’s future.  Even if I did get it working, I wouldn’t depend on every feature working the way that it should.

This is a major problem for me.  I use my camera a lot in my personal life, sure, but I also use it a lot for school.

Like taking cool science photos:

The camera has also been a useful study aid and makeshift photocopier!

Even though it’s not the best idea for me to just be spending money right now,  I just went and bought another camera.  For one thing, are cameras really going to go on sale for better deals than what is being offered this week?  The camera I bought was $50 off its original price of $200 – that’s 25% off.  I couldn’t get the camera I had (and loved), the Canon Powershot SD1100 IS.  I had to get the next model, the SD1200 IS.  It is very similar to the old camera, but there have been enough changes that I need to learn how to use the camera effectively.  Actually, the second photo I put in this post was taken with the new camera.

*50 Feet of Crap is the reference to my post on Monday, which included a Friends quote with this line.  I don’t know if runs of bad luck are associated with calendar years, but I’m hoping that it’s the case since there are only 26 days left in this year after today.  Because I can’t take much more bad luck, not right now.  As a matter of fact, I know the reason for my relative calm at this incident is because I know that if I really went off and said what I felt, it would be the nuclear option for me right now.  People would be afraid of me forever. So that’s why I control my reactions.  🙂

** Mean Mike is the IT guy at work.  Nickname earned because when we put in work order requests to fix our printers and such, then he gets to the department and finds out “people” spilled their drink all over the printer and he gets mad and yells at us.  😦  By the way, it wasn’t me, but I’m not going to rat out the person who did it.



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