Posted by: loungekitten | January 25, 2010

A Few New Projects To Show

I have been knitting, though I haven’t been blogging about it so much.  Boy, have I been knitting!  However, I like to have pictures to go with the words, and after the great camera soaking of 2009 getting pictures hasn’t been that easy for me.  I’m discovering my new camera, starting to take more pictures.  Also, waiting for the right light and to have the project at hand has also held up some things.

One of the two final finished objects of 2009 was my second rendition of the Lace Ribbon Scarf. I started this scarf in the hospital on the day of my mother’s surgery.  My mother had admired the first Lace Ribbon Scarf that I made.  I hoped to give my mother the scarf for Christmas, and I almost made it in time.  I finished the scarf on December 28th.

The yarn used here is Kollage Yarns Creamy, a yarn made from cotton and milk.  The color is Almond Beach.  I liked working with this yarn, it is actually really soft.  The yarn and pattern combo made a wonderfully wearable accessory.  My Mom likes it!

I also finished a pair of socks for the Through The Loops Mystery Sock Knit Along (Ravelry link).  I started these on sort of a whim.  All of the knitting for the sock was completed in October.  All that remained was to graft the toes of the socks and weave in the ends.  As my school semester began to pick up, though, I put these socks aside.  I finally picked these up again and finished them on December 28th, apparently a big finishing day for me.

I used Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Cotton Print in the Misty Greens colorway.  Using a muted colorway in any mystery project would be  a must for me, since by nature of the project one can’t know if the pattern would be complimented by a strong multicolor combination or not.  As it turns out, I think I chose wisely.  The detail in this pattern is really intricate, and I think the socks knit from handpainted sock yarns or those using strong multicolor stripe patterns just completely overwhelmed the pattern.

One necessary modification to the pattern I had to make was to decrease the number of pattern repeats on the leg by one.  The yardage on the Panda Cotton is less than the (more or less) standard yardage for most sock yarns – only 182 yards per ball vs. about 220 yards per ball for other sock yarns.  When I decided on this yarn for the project, I didn’t even look at the yardage requirements for the socks, and while I was knitting the leg I realized how quickly the ball of yarn was disappearing!  I figured that the place I would least miss the extra length was in the leg, thus the decreased number of repeats in the leg.  Another knitting lesson learned, I suppose!

The other problem inherent in all patterns of this type is the length of the foot.  In truth, if I could have worked through half a pattern repeat the length of the foot would be perfect.  As it stands now, the foot of the sock is a little long for me.  I had to work to a complete pattern repeat since the pattern carries through the toe.

Better the foot be a little long rather than too short, right?

Overall, the pattern was easy to follow.  The author of the pattern took great pains to both chart and write out the instructions for each part of the pattern.  She deserves a great deal of thanks for offering this pattern for free.  I’m glad I decided to make these!

And now, my first finished object of 2010.  The 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf:

I knew I wanted to make this the minute I saw it on Ravelry.  And I was so gung-ho about going out, choosing a nice yarn for it, maybe using the Canopy Worsted that the pattern calls for.  But Canopy Worsted is a little spendy for me right now.  And I really don’t need more yarn.  The last thing I need right now is more yarn, but that is a subject for another day. . .

So, I did some investigating on Ravelry and saw that some other projects were made with Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica.  I knew I had 3 skeins of the yarn in my stash in the Flame colorway (#115).  I love that colorway, and I had intended to use it for a scarf and hat accessory set of some sort anyway.  However, I did not believe that I had enough yarn for the project.  I delved a little further into the project details for the projects completed on Ravelry and discovered that people had made their cowls (or snoods!) with 3 skeins of Manos!  I cast on for the scarf using a cable cast-on in order to conserve yarn and I made my cowl.

Well, I used about every last stinking yard of yarn for the project.  I even spit-spliced the yarn when I had to join a new ball of yarn!  And I got a cowl that was about 10 inches wide, maybe a fraction of an inch short.

The picture above is a fairer representation of the colors in the yarn.  I have long loved this colorway, and I am really happy with the way this project turned out.


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