Posted by: loungekitten | January 26, 2010

1.26.10 – Tuesday Ten

Another Tuesday Ten for you:

  1. Wish You Were Here – Incubus
  2. Glamorous – Fergie
  3. Always Love – Nada Surf
  4. Love Will Come Through – Travis
  5. Goodbye Love – The Cast of Rent
  6. Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani featuring Eve
  7. The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way) – Filter
  8. Je Reviens – Autour de Lucie
  9. Edge of the Ocean – Ivy
  10. Dansez-vous – Pink Martini

I’ve been torturing myself a little of late.  I keep asking myself why I left Florida to move back to Pennsylvania.   (I know the reasons I did it – they made sense then, not so much now.)  Admittedly, my psyche was in much better shape when I lived in Florida.  I don’t know if it was the year-round temperate climate of the atmosphere that was just a little bit closer to that of a Corona commercial.  Maybe I do really have Seasonal Affective Disorder – I’m sick of people telling me that I don’t have it, everyone gets a little down in the winter.  I routinely get really sad during the winter, and inexplicably euphoric in the spring and summer.  I really wish I could just sleep from about mid-December, through mid-March.  Life would be perfect then.  I know that I was physically healthier down there, too.  Up here, I just think I can never get into any kind of shape.

I’ve been looking at real estate websites to look at available properties on line.  Nothing I could actually afford, mind you – just dreaming of a lifestyle that might have been possible at one time.  I’m actually really shocked at some of the real estate values for places that would be remotely within my reach.  It seems as though the values went way up then sort of crashed back to a level that’s only a bit higher that what it was when I left.

Of course in an area like that, there are some places that will always be expensive.  I have no doubt some of the prices for those places are somewhat deflated as well, though.

I still think that springtime in Philly is spectacularly beautiful.  Summers down at the shore are great!  And even autumn is really pretty around here, too.  But winter can go crawl in a hole and die, already.


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