Posted by: loungekitten | March 12, 2010

You Know How It Goes. . .

No good deed goes unpunished.

Because it is Spring Break this week (like last year, obviously not WOO HOO! spring break), I picked up some extra time at work.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I worked a 3PM – 11PM shift.  It was busy from the get-go.  The district to which I was assigned has five rooms and two hallway beds.  Luckily, we weren’t into hallway beds last night.  But My district was always full, even if the other districts were half-empty.  (It wasn’t my imagination, I mentioned it to another tech in the ED and she was like, “I know, it’s weird!”)  First there was an old man in one of my rooms, but he wasn’t much trouble.  Then there was a sweet, but talkative old woman.  Both needed to be transported to their rooms at about the same time, so one of the other techs did help with that.  Then there was a really old lady who had fallen, and was found on the floor when her son happened to stop by that day.  Even though she was having pain, she was refusing to get x-rays, and then when the doctor tried to make her sign an AMA form, the family talked her into getting the tests.  Just as I got back from transporting a patient to their hospital room, another old man was rushed back from triage, barely able to catch his breath.  After a breathing treatment he settled down, and he was very pleasant – he even remembered my name (here’s a hint, patients:  It’s not ‘nurse’).  He eventually was admitted and had to go to a room in the hospital.  When I came back from transporting him, there was an ambulance ready to go into the room that I still needed to clean, and it was one of our famous regulars, one that makes me pray that I never end up as she has.  I had to transport another two patients to the floor, one a nice old guy (who was unfortunately very sick), and another old lady who, when I asked her if she could walk said that she could, but that she was dirty from the diarrhea.  I didn’t realize that since we had left her room in the emergency room, she had an episode and when we got to her room on the floor she was laying in it on the stretcher.  Not just any diarrhea, either – it smelled like C-diff.

Then on the drive home, I was a few minutes away from home when my car radio suddenly went off.  It started working again, but it was going on and off.  Then I noticed the check engine light was on.  I was going to stop for a quick bite to eat, and I turned my car off at Wawa.  I turned the ignition on and the car barely started again.  I didn’t want to press my luck, so I just drove home instead of going in the store.  When I was in front of my house, I turned the car off, then tried starting it again.  Still the same hesitation in starting!

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have none at all.

My car started up fine this morning.  I took it to my mechanic, five minutes up the street, and when I got there I noticed smoke or steam coming out of the front of my car.  My mechanic checked the check engine light, said the code was not related to the problems I was having, and then looked under the hood.  The engine covers need to be replaced, because I am leaking engine oil from the top of my engine.  And the other great thing about that is that my alternator is right below where the oil is leaking and my alternator is being basted with motor oil every time I drive.  I asked if when they did all this would it be easier to get at the timing belt because that was due for a change, and wouldn’t you know that the answer was no!

Please don’t let my car catch on fire.

Please let my alternator last so that my windshield wipers and headlights will stay on as I drive home in the wind-driven rain tonight.

And right now, I need to go to work.  Someone has to pay for all this car madness.


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