Posted by: loungekitten | April 5, 2010

(Belated) Happy Easter 2010!

Wow, I have 4 days left to write my huge research paper, and I’m not even finished with half my research!  So, after today posts are going to be few and far between, since we also have a test right after the paper is due!

I have finished my part of the Easter feast:  all Ina Garten dessert recipes.  I made her Plum Raspberry Crumble (to be served with French Vanilla ice cream), her White Chocolate Bark, and my own variation of her French Chocolate Bark.  I had an arsenal of the nuts and dried fruits called for in each of the recipes, so I only needed to buy the chocolate for each of the recipes.  I varied the French Chocolate Bark by using almonds instead of cashews and by using dried cherries instead of dried cranberries.  I’m using dried cranberries on the White Chocolate Bark, so I wanted to make the French Chocolate Bark a little different!

WARNING!!  Food P0rn ahead!

White Chocolate Bark:

French Chocolate Bark:

Here are both of the chocolate barks, chopped up:

The Plum Raspberry Crumble:

A few sneak peeks at what’s hiding under that topping:

Here’s a stewed plum:

And finally, a portion over a scoop of ice cream:

Hope your Easter holiday was a good one!


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