Posted by: loungekitten | April 15, 2010

Am I Going To Maryland This Year?

That depends on a lot of things.  Mostly school and money:

First, here’s the “school variable”:

  • I am only taking one class, and it’s a tough one.  It’s one that I am glad to be taking on its own.  And I suppose I’d better get an “A” in it, because if I don’t, it’s going to look really bad on my transcript that I took one class this semester and and get anything less than an “A” or maybe an “A-“.  And since the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is the weekend before my final exam, which is 40% of my grade, I probably shouldn’t go.
  • I got a 95 on the first test!!!  Only 20% of my grade, but still. . .maybe I should go!
  • Oops, I handed in a really mediocre research paper.  Honestly, I should have changed or tweaked my topic a bit, but I had already done a lot of the research. . .so I did the best I could with the topic I chose.  A 70 on this paper would be a win for me.  So, I probably shouldn’t go.
  • No grade back from the test I took this past Tuesday, naturally. . .but I don’t have a great feeling about it.  I didn’t have a great feeling after the first test, either, and look at the grade I got.  So the jury is still out, but anything less than a 90 will probably mean that I shouldn’t go to MDSW.
  • The grades I’ve gotten for the lab portion of the class have really sucked.  The first one was worth 10 points and I got a 7.  The second assignment was worth 20 points and I got a 15 on it.  Not a good track record for the lab.  However, there are 70 more points of lab work to be turned in, so maybe I can turn things around.  Still, it’s leaning more towards a sign that I shouldn’t go to MDSW.

Now for the “money variable”:

  • I just spent half of my savings on major, necessary car repairs.  So, I shouldn’t go to MDSW.
  • I still have about another $1,000-worth of necessary car repairs that are waiting for me to earn the money so they can be completed.  So, I shouldn’t go to MDSW.  Unless you think that replacing your engine cover because oil leaks out of the top of your engine while basting your alternator with motor oil and having 103K miles on your car without ever having changed your timing belt are good things to put on hold indefinitely.  Well, then I would go. . .except I think I should probably get the car repairs first, so I shouldn’t go to MDSW.
  • My car insurance is due at the end of the month.  I should not go the MDSW.
  • My car inspection is due in June.  Who knows what the heck they’ll find wrong at the inspection.  I suspect that the tires will need to be replaced.  All of them.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that there is nothing wrong with the shocks and struts.  I should not go to MDSW.
  • I got a refund on my taxes this year!  I should go to MDSW!
  • I already spent a chunk at KnitPicks, buying a whole lot of their new tonal yarns.  Mostly as a consolation prize for not planning on going to MDSW this year.  I should not go to MDSW this year.
  • April is one of the extra paycheck months this year!  Those of you who get paid biweekly know exactly what that means.  I should go to MDSW this year!
  • I probably signed up and am scheduled  to work a lot of time on the MDSW weekend, since I didn’t plan on going I told work I was available to work all that weekend.  It is really difficult to arrange for someone to cover your shift, and I need to or I may get written up.  (That’s how things work in an ER. )  So I might not be able to actually go the the festival, even if I do say WTH, I’ll go anyway!

Oh, and there are so  many reasons I want to go this year.  I am surprised that my driver from last year still has a seat available in her car (a sign that I should go, for sure!).  And the cheese from last year was just so good.  I decided to try and grow tomatoes from seed this year, so I would hope that I would not need tomato plants.  And there are a few skeins of yarn I’d like to acquire, just because they’d be so easy to acquire while at the festival.

Eventually, if I’m not working, I think I might end up with this middle ground scenario:

Last year we brought our own lunch.  Sometime in early afternoon, we went back to the car to have a picnic lunch.  So I might go to the festival, get the cheese, pick  up a reasonable amount of yarn (I’ll admit that last year I spent more than I wanted to spend!), something like a few skeins of lace weight for a shawl or two from the Estonian lace book, maybe some Koigu mill ends for a project I’m thinking of, maybe some new yarns from vendors I don’t tend to frequent at the festival.  Then, after the picnic lunch, I could go off somewhere to study for my exam while my friends shop.  Sounds like a decent compromise, if I’ve got the strength to do that!

Of course at the last minute the decision may also come down to the weather.  If it’s forecast to be a beautiful day I just don’t know how I can resist, especially after the winter we’ve had here!

Ah, forget about it!  I just typed up this whole post and then I looked at my schedule.  I am working on Saturday, the 1st, the day we’d be going.  So I definitely will not be going to MDSW this year.

It’s probably for the best, really.


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