Posted by: loungekitten | May 13, 2010

5-13-10 – What I’ve Been Watching

This season of TV has been one of – dare I say heartbreak – for me.

  • Lost is ending.  I actually think it’s wrapping up too quickly!  I think they could have taken another half- season to explain more of the mystery.  I think there’s still too much unanswered.  I know it’s a show that’s not supposed to explain everything, but still there are the little things.  Like the history of the Dharma Initiative – what was that about!!!                 
  • ABC, if you cancel Flashforward. . .well, let’s just say I don’t need to turn my TV on until 9PM.  Get my drift?  Sure I can understand the average American’s problems with the plot.  Most aren’t real used to being intellectually challenged.  And from what I see on TV’s popular shows, I understand that most Americans prefer that their favorite characters are “black and white” – pure villains or heroes.  (Hate all you want, Americans – I’ve read that this show is actually well-received internationally and there is a chance that the fact the show is a money-maker in other countries might save the show.)  Character flaws and moral ambiguity aren’t allowed with that kind of mentality.  I love that the  Simon is all about “the greater good.”  I love that Olivia is too weak to resist her attraction to Lloyd.  I loved that crazy Dr. Frost and was so sad when he was killed!  And Janis is a double agent!  Plus who is the father of her baby – I don’t think that it’s Demitri!  I think when he was getting in the cab (don’t remember which episode), he was apologizing to her for not doing the deed – so I think it’s someone else on the Somalia trip.  And what about Keiko?  She risked everything to run away to LA and live the life she wants!  There are so many other “places” to explore with this show.
  • How I Met Your Mother, how I love this show!  However, I think this is one that might only have a season or two left in it.  I want Ted to find his wife soon, even if it means the end of the show, and I hope the audience gets a chance to know her so they like her as much as Ted does.  He just got his house!!
  • Grey’s Anatomy, you’re not the show you once were it’s true.  That’s not to say that I don’t like it.  But I do think there are too many characters on the show, possibly.  Overall, it’s still a very enjoyable hour of television and at least the show is not. . .
  • Private Practice!  I want to like this show so much.  It was OK at the beginning, but now I feel like it’s kind of a train wreck.  I feel as though I’m in it until the bitter end.
  • And finally, the Amazing Race.  I am sort of sad the Cowboys did not win.  In my eyes, they were better competitors who made a few mistakes.  The winners, Dan and Jordan were slightly lesser competitors who had some great luck just when they needed it.  I’ve been reading comments on some boards about how Dan and Jordan cheated and won.  I feel that they did not cheat, and everyone makes such a big deal out of the scene at the airport – petty, to be sure, but in other legs of the race people were not necessarily queued up to buy tickets in order of their arrival at the airport.  So to me, it was no big deal as long as they were on the same plane.  Everyone in the race has done something to garner what could be considered an unfair advantage.  Didn’t the detectives have a counter when they were counting the chains in the anchor chain in one of the episodes?  Didn’t Steve use duct tape to repair a car instead of waiting for a replacement car?  Didn’t the cowboys not tell a few groups that they had to go to a bus station across town to make a connection when they were in Chile?  I am very happy that Brent and Caite did not win.  I don’t understand how anyone can defend her based upon what we’ve seen of her in this season of the Amazing Race.  I know that Brandi or Carol said something about her competition in one of the beauty pageants, but there was one episode that featured Brent and Caite in a very narrow-minded and unflattering light – I can’t remember exactly what they said but it was basically a derogatory comment about lesbians in general and not a specific comment about Brandi and/or Carol.  I was disappointed with Brandi’s and Carol’s behavior at the finish line.  I liked them as a team and they were one of the ones that I would have liked to see win.  I think that when Brandi and Carole play the finale back at home, they will not be proud of their reaction to Caite at the finish line.  At the very least, they will be very disappointed in the editing.

I’m going to go finish some errands and get ready to watch Flashforward and Grey’s Anatomy tonight.  Heh, I suppose I’ll watch Private Practice, too.  Watch Flashforward, everyone!  Save Flashforward!

ETA: So I was wrong about the father of Janis’ baby – it is Demitri.  Writers, as far as I’m concerned you missed out.  It would have been great if it was evil genius Simon!  And Grey’s – awwwww, Cristina has a room in Meredith and Derek’s new house in the woods!  And Private Practice, the final scene of last night’s show was what is over the top about this show:

ADDISON (to Sam):  Do I make you happy?

SAM: Yes.

ADDISON:  You make me happy, too.  [Takes shirt off and starts making out with Sam.]

Look, I’m not exactly the moral police, but the people on this show are too damn loose.


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