Posted by: loungekitten | June 8, 2010

6.8.10 – Tuesday Ten

Another lazy post of Tuesday Ten, courtesy of my iTunes DJ:

  1. A-Punk – Vampire Weekend
  2. Barely Breathing – Duncan Sheik
  3. Let Go – Frou Frou
  4. Miss Halfway – Anya Marina
  5. Thrown Down – Fleetwood Mac
  6. Waking Up In Vegas – Katy Perry
  7. Spitting Games – Snow Patrol
  8. Underneath It All – No Doubt
  9. Valium Skies – The Verve
  10. You Are The Everything – R.E.M.

Hmmm, Katy Perry, two weeks in a row.  Interesting.  Or not.

I am knitting, for those of you who come to this blog for knitting news.  I just need to get pictures and get my thoughts together about the projects.  I’ll probably post about my current project tomorrow.

I need to learn how to use my camera.  After my old camera was ruined, only the newer model was available.  It is similar enough that I can take decent pictures, but there are enough differences between the two models to warrant a read-through of the newer camera’s user manual so I can take better pictures.

I’ve also been reading.  For pleasure.  I am in the middle of two books right now:  The House of God and Eat Pray Love.  Maybe I’ll write some posts about these books, too.

Besides, right now my main priority is to work every spare scrap of extra time I can possibly work.  Ideally, I’d like to work full-time at least for the summer.  It’s hard to pick up additional time at work this time of year.  Until about 2 years ago, the ER where I work had a policy of hiring out-of-town students who, when they return home in the summer, could work a lot of extra hours while the full-time regulars took their summer vacations.  It’s both a good and a bad idea.  Good, because then the full-timers can get time off a plan a getaway or two.  Bad, because when they come back they have no idea how things have changed, they sign up for all the extra time available leaving part-timers like me out in the cold, and because they’re basically seasonal employees when they leave at the end of the summer we end up with huge holes in coverage.  The ER has stopped hiring these “seasonal employees” and they did actually tell the ones currently on the summer employment plan that they had to start fulfilling the requirements of their per diem positions and actually work a minimum of 16 hours a month in order to retain their positions.  I think the enforcement had maybe led to the departure of one or two of the techs, and the rest we’ll see when they come back from school once a month to work their minimum hours.

Scheduling used to be a bit easier, there was a nurse dedicated to making the schedule for the ER techs.  She would “take care” of everyone, and always made it work.  Unfortunately, she had to leave her job due to health reasons.  Now a different person is in charge of our schedule and she goes “by the book.”  So, everyone works the shift for which they were hired.  I was hired to work the second shift, or evening shift and that works fine for me.  But the past month or so has been an adjustment.

I’m still making up my mind about what I’m going to do after the end of the summer – just continue to work until I can get into a nursing or PA program, most likely.  I’m at the point right now where it’s not going to make too much sense to continue taking classes at the University I have been attending.  I don’t need a degree, as I already have a bachelor’s degree (and a master’s degree, for that matter!).  I’ve just about gone the distance towards getting a second bachelor’s degree in microbiology.  I might take this fall off from school, work, change my major, then spend my time in the fall getting credit for courses I took while earning my first bachelor’s degree.  I do not want to repeat basic general education requirements for a second degree.  Frankly, after writing tax memos for ten years and writing papers for classes which my professors request to keep because they want to use as an example of a good paper, I feel I deserve a pass on having to repeat Freshman Comp classes.  If I can get credit for the general education requirements and I can finish my degree in one semester, then I might return next spring to actually get a degree.


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