Posted by: loungekitten | June 27, 2010

Umbrella Study

Yesterday, I took my inaugural trip to the shore for Summer 2010!  And I went with my new beach umbrella.  I’ve always wanted a beach umbrella, and I managed to find a nice 6′ one with SPF 100 fabric at Walmart for $15.  How can you beat that?

The beach is so colorful with all the different umbrellas.  The casinos situated on the boardwalk put out umbrellas for their guests to use, for a fee.  Each of the casinos has their own set of beach gear.  Here is a picture of Caesar’s umbrella:

Then right next door is the Trump Plaza.  Their umbrellas are red, with white piping trim on the edges:

I wish I’d taken a walk with my camera. so I could have at least gotten a picture of the Tropicana’s green and white umbrellas.  Maybe another time!

I went to the beach with my mother and my aunt we set up with three umbrellas: mine, my aunts, and my mother’s clamp-on umbrella.  Here’s the view from my chair under my umbrella:

After we were there for a while, another family set up on the beach with the same umbrella as my aunt, although theirs was a little newer-looking than my aunt’s:

Probably less surprising, another family set up right in front of us with the same umbrella that I have:

And there were a few other umbrellas I noticed:

I’m pretty sure that the umbrella above was available at Walmart last year.  I almost bought an umbrella last year, but it was towards the end of the summer and purchasing an umbrella at that time didn’t make much sense.  I believe this umbrella was also part of Walmart’s collection last year:

If not this one, then one that was quite like it.

And there was just one last umbrella I got a shot of, though it’s not a very good picture:

It’s the umbrella at the lifeguard stand.  A little sun protection for the people who protect us!


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