Posted by: loungekitten | July 31, 2010

Random Saturday

This week has been a pretty good one here, chez Loungekitten.  I accomplished a lot this week with matters regarding my future career path, the particulars of which I’ll save for another post.

I got some rest, after a few days at the beginning of the week working out in the yard.  Because of my vacation and work schedule, the yard had been neglected for about three weeks!  My skin needed the break from the sun, and the hamstrings in my right leg need a rest as well.

However, I’ve been plagued by mosquitoes.  I am allergic to insect bites of all kinds to some degree.  The mosquito bites hurt and itch at the same time.  My legs are covered with huge welts!

I wanted to go to Knit Night on Wednesday night, but that was just about the worst day for the mosquito-bite problem.  I also had to work first thing the following morning.  So I skipped out.  Sorry, gals!  I’m hoping to get there this week, but that will be at the end of workday number 7 in a nine-day straight stretch of scheduled work days.

It’s great that I got so many hours to work, though, because I’ve got no wiggle room in my budget right now, as I need to pay for substantial repairs on my car and for classes and books in the next few weeks.  I’ve been driving around with my check engine light for a while now.  It goes out every once in a while, and I wonder if that’s because the dashboard light is burned out.  Fortunately, I know why it’s lit, and it is not super-critical that I fix the problem right this second.  I’ve got an appointment to fix the problem causing the check engine light in a little over a week.  At this point, I’m even considering getting a second job to supplement my income and to save for some of my bigger plans over the next year and a half.

I always feel obligated to patronize the establishments we’ve gathered in for Knit Night, and the temptation at Cosi is just too much for me.  It’s another reason I’ve been skipping out on Knit Nights.  I think I will need the break this week, though.  So I expect I will be there this coming Wednesday!


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