Posted by: loungekitten | August 8, 2010

The Carnage Has Continued

A little while ago I wrote about how one of my dogs, Shirley, brought a dead bird into the house and, well, had a little meal.  Well, it appears that both dogs are little hunters.

First, Shirley has been caught out in the yard with another bird. . .at least one we know of.  It was a cardinal, so it was hard to miss when she was carrying it around.  We’re not sure if she’s actually killing them or if she’s just finding ones that are already dead and/or injured in the yard.

Who, me?

Then the other day Scarlet our Corgi-Pomeranian mix (Corgeranian?) was trotting around the yard with a dead bunny flopping around in her mouth.  I yelled at her and then she dropped it on the ground and came inside.  Again, I’m not sure whether or not she hunted it and killed it or if it had already been injured.  There was a little more evidence pointing to the fact that she indeed may have hunted it. . .

I'm innocent, I tell ya!

Now, I know that it is in the dogs’ nature to behave this way.  But I hope this is just a stage and they get bored with it!


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