Posted by: loungekitten | February 12, 2011

My First Piece

Of jewelry!

It is a necklace and bracelet set:

As a beach-lover, I was thinking of the beach when I started to pick my beads.  Somehow, I ended up with these teal-colored glass beads with an iridescent gleam:

I needed to find other beads to go with the teal glass beads, so I sought advice from the women in the shop.  One suggested the brass fittings to match the iridescent flashes from the blue beads.  Then the teacher of the class brought me the “cinnamon bun” beads, which are the round, clear glass beads with speckles of brass in them.  I told the teacher I was set with the beads, and she said “O.K., let’s go!” – a bit skeptically, I have to say!

I started to lay out my design on the bead board.  As I was laying it out, the instructor said (with surprise), “Wow, that looks really nice!  I’d wear that with jeans!”

I finished my bracelet and necklace with brass clasps.  I don’t know if people name their designs or not.  I’ll call this one “Good With Jeans.”


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