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Revenge: Charade, Treachery, Suspicion, and Loyalty

Last night ABC played a Revenge recap show, but I only caught the last few minutes of it.  I intend to watch, just because I’d like to know what the show’s producers think is important.  I’ve been re-watching Revenge from the beginning of the season and writing posts to document my memorable moments.  I don’t know if I’ll finish the sixteen episodes before ABC takes them down from their website but I’ll try my best.  And, standard precaution applies:  SPOILER ALERT!  Do not read ahead if you don’t want to know!

Also, I swear that I do not receive compensation of any sort from Television Without Pity.  I just really really really enjoy their recaps!  So much snark!

CHARADE (Episode 7)

It’s not even the first or second episode you should watch, and if you felt as though you want to follow the series it maybe not even be the third episode of the series I think you should watch, but I think it might be my favorite thus far. So much happens in this episode, and so much to love.  Tyler continues to try to undermine Emily’s and Daniel’s relationship, but Daniel is starting to doubt Tyler’s “good” intentions.  The Graysons have a 25-year anniversary dinner party including their children, Emily, Declan, Ashley, and Tyler.  Tyler doesn’t show up because he’s meeting with Nolan Ross.  Nolan is “assigned” to take Tyler down, and Nolan decides to have his own fun with Tyler.  (Nolan makes a sex video!)  Turns out Tyler is probably in town to hustle the Graysons.  Tyler and Ashley have a heart-to-heart where they each reveal their ambitions to each other.  Frank finds the real Emily Thorne in a strip club, posing as Amanda Clarke (so I will be referring to real Emily as Amanda.)  Amanda, literally, whacks Frank before he can tell Victoria what he found out about Emily.  Conrad moves out of the manor.  Lydia wakes up from her coma.  Here are the things I loved about this episode:

  • Big Ed makes his first appearance!
  • It’s been a while since I thought about cars in any way other than a manner of transporting myself from point A to point B.  But if someone wanted to give me Emily’s Lexus convertible there would be exceedingly few conditions under which I’d refuse that gift.
  • I like Emily’s gold necklace – the one with the heavy chain (not rap star heavy, just normal heavy-weight) with a charm that looks like two interlocking circles .  She’s worn it in at least one other episode, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before.
  • Frank to Victoria:  “I am going to redeem myself with you or I am going to die trying.”  One of those things almost happens.
  • Nolan to Tyler when Tyler tries to get out of meeting with Nolan:  “You will and you’ll be prompt.”  I kind of love mean Nolan!
  • Our first meeting with Warden Stiles, and our first glimpse of what life was like in Allenwood Juvenile Detention Center for Emily.
  • I love the top Emily’s white lace top that she wears to the Stowaway when she gives Jack the old mariner’s compass.  I would like to knit something similar.
  • Big Ed to Emily:  “We also do panic rooms.”
  • Victoria to Daniel: “Enjoy this fleeting moment, Daniel.  It’s the only time I’ll admit that your tending bar hasn’t been a complete waste.”
  • Stripper Amanda shows up at Emily’s house!

The Television Without Pity recap is here.

TREACHERY (Episode 8)

To be honest, if I remember correctly the first few episodes after episode 7 are sort of sleeper episodes.  Yes, the story advances but by inches compared to some of the previous episodes when the story moved by several feet.  Amanda’s character is exposed a little more during this episode as Nolan is assigned to babysit her while Emily tries to clean up Amanda’s mess.  Frank’s body is found and the investigation into his murder begins.  How they’re not going to trace stuff back to Amanda I’ll never understand.  Seriously, the last place he was seen and the last person he was seen with was stripper Amanda at the strip club.  Still, it doesn’t prevent Victoria from steering the investigators Emily’s way on the basis of Frank’s last words (“Emily Thorne is not who she claims to be.”)  Victoria’s actions create more separation between Daniel and Victoria, and Daniel moves in with Emily, at least for a while.  Also, Lydia is awake and convalescing at Grayson manor so the Graysons can try to control any unpredictable outcome once Lydia’s memory returns.  And Jack meets Amanda.  Oh, and Victoria shreds Lydia’s copy of her Open Arms speech, which sneaky Tyler recovers and puts back together.  Things I liked about this episode:

  • Nolan’s infinity pool.  There’s a really great shot of that pool in this episode.  I watched an HGTV special about over-the-top backyards, and one of them featured a huge infinity pool.  Did you know that to get a smooth  drop-off edge, they design it with lasers?  The infinity pool on this special was amazingly perfect.
  • That red bikini that Amanda chooses from Nolan’s supply of “house bikinis.”  It is awesome.  And generally I really don’t like bikinis.
  • The fact that Nolan has a supply of house bikinis.  Whoever picked them has good taste, apparently.
  • Amanda to Nolan: “Your house bikinis still have their tags on them.”  Honestly, out of the house bikinis available for selection I would pick the one that still had the tags on it, Amanda!
  • The creepy way that Victoria whispers to Lydia:  “Lydia, are you still awake?”  And then Victoria takes the phone out of Lydia’s room!

The Television Without Pity recap is here, if you want more details.

SUSPICION (Episode 9)

This is a good episode, but sort of another sleeper.  The main event of the episode is an investor party, where Conrad has pitted Daniel and Tyler against each other to see who will sign a $20 million investor in Grayson Global first.  Tyler wins, by the way, but he signs Nolan who does not plan on funding the investment.  Amanda is still hanging out in the Hamptons and hooks her claws further into Jack by “confessing” that she is Amanda Clarke.  Emily invites her ninja master to the Hamptons.  (I’ve read online that the reason the ninja master even exists is because the network in Japan would not make a deal with the distributor unless a Japanese actor was in the show.  I don’t know, that sounds pretty far-fetched to me.)  Victoria takes away Charlotte’s car keys and her phone to discourage her relationship with Declan.  Victoria also pays Declan to stay away from Charlotte.  Conrad moves Lydia out of Grayson manor to somewhere far away from Victoria.  Oh, and Ashley catches Nolan and Tyler kissing in the pool house, and when Tyler chases after Ashley, Nolan takes Tyler’s copy of Lydia’s Open Arms speech.  Random stuff I liked from this episode:

  • Emily’s long necklace, which she wears for most of the episode.  It’s a long gold chain with links of large, slightly oblong but mostly round, cream colored stone or glass beads.  If it’s natural stone, it might be moonstone or possibly Italian onyx.  If it’s the onyx, then it is perfect onyx with no inclusions, which would be rare and very expensive.  Not that it would be hard for Emily to afford such a necklace, but for the style of necklace it is I’d be surprised that someone would use something so expensive to make the necklace.  They could also be opaque glass beads.  I did notice that the beads are cut with facets.  I’ll have to investigate further.
  • The volleyball game on the beach:  nice job with the casting!!
  • In this episode and maybe the last episode, I feel as though I’ve gotten more of a look at the interior of the boathouse, and I have to say I like it.  The walls are nearly exactly what I would choose for a formal dining room in terms of color.
  • I do like the way the room Lydia is temporarily staying in is decorated.
  • Daniel to Tyler and his father at the meeting where Tyler and Daniel are set up for competition, after Conrad tells them that they are selling the Grayson lifestyle and Daniel probably has an advantage: “Tyler’s been living the Grayson lifestyle all summer, I’d say he gets it.”
  • Nolan to Jack when Victoria shows up at the Stowaway to talk to Declan:  “Victoria Grayson at the Stowaway. . .what did you put in my drink?”
  • The  shot of Ashley’s feet and her glass breaking around them after she drops her glass when she discovers Nolan and Tyler together is awesome.
  • Jack and Amanda’s first kiss is pretty romantic.  But Amanda needs a lot of psychotherapy, and if she hadn’t killed Frank I’d be more on board with a relationship between Jack and Amanda.  They’re pretty great on screen together.

The Television Without Pity recap is here.

LOYALTY (Episode 10)

Another sleeper episode.  It’s the next episode where things really go off the rails.  Emily’s ninja master gets her to refocus on the task at hand.  The ninja master also thinks that Emily’s revenge is doomed to fail because she has fallen in love with Daniel.  (About the falling in love with Daniel part:  I think I totally agree with the ninja master about this.)  Emily also sells out Nolan by sending the Nolan and Tyler sex tape to Conrad.  When Conrad tries to fire Tyler, Tyler blackmails Conrad with the info he has about David Clarke.   Conrad files for divorce from Victoria, and Victoria hires a lawyer.  Emily gives Amanda a diary from her days in foster care so Amanda can “remember” things that occurred during “her” childhood.  Emily introduces Amanda to Daniel, and Daniel inadvertently alerts Victoria about Amanda’s return to the Hamptons.  Charlotte moves out of Grayson manor and into the Southfork Inn with Conrad.  Daniel moves back in with his mother because he senses that Tyler is becoming unhinged and Daniel doesn’t want Tyler torching the place.  Tyler confronts Nolan about the sex tape, and Nolan fights with Emily.  And yes, Tyler is becoming more psychotic because he is schizophrenic and he has run out of his Clozapine (an anti-psychotic med).   Here’s what I loved in this episode:

  • Sammy barking at Amanda and her calling him Cujo.  Good thing Jack wasn’t around to see that!
  • Victoria’s multi-strand pearl necklace.  Plus, I’m almost certain those huge earrings are Swarovski crystal pendants and it would be easy to reproduce those.  It’s unusual to see her not wearing the diamond earrings David Clarke gave to her.
  • Ashley looked stunning when she met Tyler at the restaurant towards the end of the episode.

The Television Without Pity recap for the episode is here if you want more details.  One other question I have:  how tall is the actress who plays Ashley?  I know that Madeleine Stowe and Emily VanCamp are both tall, and in the scene at the beginning of the show when Victoria is looking over the action for divorce, it appears that Ashley is practically towering over Victoria.  I didn’t get a good look at her shoes, so I don’t know if it’s just her shoes in that scene.  It’s weird, because I never realized how tall Ashley is before this episode.


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