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Revenge: Justice and Absolution

Continuing with the series of Revenge recaps. . .spoilers may lie ahead if you aren’t caught up!

JUSTICE (Episode 18)

There’s a lot of action in this episode, and I’m not sure which details to gloss over so I may gloss over a lot of it.  It’s day 15 of Daniel’s trial, and things aren’t looking good for Daniel.  Brooks identifies a juror that seems likely to vote to convict Daniel, so Victoria arranges to have her thug threaten the juror’s son if she doesn’t deliver a hung jury or an acquittal verdict.  Emily knows all of this is happening, because of course she has managed to bug the Grayson’s study.  We also learn that the thug’s name is Lee Moran, and that Emily intends to make him her pawn.  Meanwhile, Jack has returned from what was apparently a 3-month-long tour of America’s crappiest motels visited while looking for Amanda.  The bloody hoodie has returned with him as well.  Victoria is still conducting her affair with the artist, and he has been working again and is preparing for a showing of his work.  Victoria tells him about what she and her husband did to David Clarke.  Daniel is watching Emily’s house from Victoria’s balcony and sees Jack visiting Emily.  Daniel is jealous, and gets into an argument with Victoria in which he tells her that Jack is back in Montauk.  Victoria alerts Brooks, who gets a subpoena for Jack to testify.  Jack wants Declan to tell the truth on the witness stand.  Victoria gets Charlotte to try to change Declan’s testimony (which is actually to tell the truth), telling her that Charlotte is a resourceful girl and will figure out how she can manipulate Declan.  Which, as it turns out, is to imitate Victoria to her best ability and to promise Declan that changing his testimony will fix everything between the two of them.  Nolan interrupts Charlotte and Declan’s meeting and advises Declan to stay on course with his testimony as planned, telling him that the Graysons are ruthless and would do anything to exonerate Daniel (they are, and they would).  So, Declan lies on the stand.  Jack has a fit and reveals to Nolan that he has the bloody hoodie he was wearing the night he found Tyler.  Nolan tells Emily and Emily ransacks Jack’s apartment and takes the bloody hoodie.  When she gets back to her house, drunk Daniel is there accusing Emily of having an affair with Jack.  The police show up to arrest Daniel for breaking the terms of house arrest.  Elsewhere, Conrad is threatening Victoria’s artist boyfriend with Victoria’s arrest for knowingly dealing in art forgeries; Conrad tells him to leave town.   Jack discovers that the bloody hoodie is gone.  Emily plants Jack’s bloody hoodie in Lee Moran’s car, leading to Lee’s arrest.  Lee calls Victoria from prison, and Conrad overhears Victoria’s end of the call.  Conrad makes Victoria come clean, telling her, “this is the second mess of yours I’ve had to clean up today.”  He then tells her about artist friend leaving town.  Nolan congratulates Emily for simultaneously protecting Jack, exonerating Daniel, and setting up Lee to reveal all of his dealings with the Graysons in one move.  Emily asks Nolan to smooth things over with Jack and to try to make Jack let it go.  Lee is found hung in his jail cell with a confession note pinned to his body.  When Nolan catches up with Emily, we find she has learned that Conrad arranged for her father to be killed in prison, just as he arranged for Lee’s staged suicide.  I don’t know that there was much I “loved” about this episode other than the story’s twists and turns, but here goes:

  • Do you think that when Brooks circled juror #3’s face with a red sharpie, Emily got a little wistful and nostalgic for the good old days of summer, when she was in the midst of all her takedowns?
  • The whalecam is back!  I wonder if it’s one whalecam or if Nolan has a whole supply of whalecams?  And why always whales?  Why not an octopuscam or a starfishcam or a shellcam?
  • I love the fireplace in Emily’s cottage!
  • Even though the whole idea of it creeped me out and Charlotte looked more like she was playing dress-up than anything else, I liked the dress she wore to the Stowaway to try to convince Declan to change his testimony.
  • The scene with Daniel sitting on the ledge of Victoria’s balcony drinking Scotch (I assume) and watching Emily’s cottage, then the expression on his face when Emily ignores his call as she leaves to ransack the Stowaway is unintentionally hilarious to me.  Especially the part where Emily ignores Daniel’s call.  It makes me laugh every time I even think about it.  I don’t know why!
  • I like the purse Emily used to carry Jack’s bloody hoodie around.  I have a similar one myself.  But probably not as nice as Emily’s.  And I would not carry a bloody hoodie around in it.
  • I like the white sweater that Emily wore during the last half of the episode.
  • James Purefoy is so hot in that suit!
  • I like the white coat Victoria was wearing when she went to the artist’s loft to find that all that was left was his unfinished painting of her.  And the bed.  OK, why just the mattress?  And it looks like a king-sized bed with a pillow top mattress!  I would not leave that behind!

ABSOLUTION (Episode 19)

Wow, a couple of big things happen in this episode.  It opens with Emily visiting her father’s grave, leaving a red rose.  Daniel is awaiting his (presumed) release from prison, with chants from the Occupy Rikers movement streaming into his cell.  Jack is mulling over whether he should come clean to Emily about his “involvement” with Tyler’s shooting, and Nolan advises him against it.  Emily is concerned about Charlotte, and while checking in on her Emily finds a picture of their father taken on the day he was murdered.  He’s writing in a journal in the picture, one Emily doesn’t have.  Nolan has it, and to shortcut a part of this story I will just tell you that the reason he held the journal back was to protect his Aunt Carol, who used to work as Conrad’s secretary and was the person who introduced David Clarke to Nolan.   Jack visits Emily and starts to tell her that he was at the beach on the night of the murder, but is interrupted by the good news that Daniel has been released from prison.  Emily goes to get Daniel, and they leave the prison to find that someone had sprayed “MURDERER” in red on the front windshield of Emily’s car.  When Daniel gets home all he wants to do is sleep but first the family discusses the possibility of Daniel giving a television interview.  Ashley tells Victoria that she’s quitting and going to work for Brooks’ law firm.  Ashley stupidly says something that gets Victoria thinking about how the media was all over details in Daniel’s case.  When Brooks looks into it, he finds out that Ashley had been feeding info to the media so he rescinds his job offer to Ashley.  Victoria meets with her SEC contact to give him information about Grayson Global’s and Conrad’s terrorist dealings.  Meanwhile, Jack decides to give Daniel his phone back and tells Daniel what he knows about events at the beach the night of the murder and that “Lee’s hoodie” is actually Jack’s hoodie.  Daniel “figures out” that Mom and Pop Grayson set Lee up to take the fall for Tyler’s murder.  He looks devastated.  He’s about to spend the night at Emily’s, but Conrad decides to tell Daniel EVERYTHING due to the impending SEC investigation, so he never gets back to Emily’s house.  Charlotte gets suspended from school after drugs are found in her locker.  At Daniel’s interview.  Emily wants Daniel to be his own man; Victoria wants Daniel to throw Conrad under the bus; and Conrad wants Daniel to stand by him and the company.  As Nolan says later in the episode, Daniel “doubled-down on Grayson,” much to Emily’s and Victoria’s disappointment.  Ashley, like a cat, lands on her feet when Conrad decides to offer her a job at Grayson Global because he admires her willingness to get her hands dirty.  Victoria takes Charlotte to David’s grave, where they see the rose Emily left and they realize that someone else had been visiting the gravesite.  Emily says when she finds the man who killed her father, she will kill him.  Things that I liked or intrigued me during the episode:

  • Nolan to Emily:  “Let me guess, your wedding invite list.  Assuming your ploy to spring your boyfriend actually works, but why wouldn’t it?  You’re you.”
  • Nolan finally admits that he has a Fortune 500 company to run!
  • Ashley reveals herself to be even more idiotic than Declan when she says to Victoria:  “It’s the least I could do after all that Daniel has done for me.”
  • Do you think that when Emily saw the her windshield at the prison she thought for a second that she wished she could do that to Conrad’s car?
  • How does one get such a good picture of David Clarke while he’s in the prison yard, on the day of his murder?  (Dear viewers, you will not wonder about that for too long.)
  • We always knew that Nolan knew about Ashley and how she fed information to the media because there was a scene that explicitly covered this.  Until this episode, I kind of thought that Brooks knew it too, based upon some of their previous conversations and some of the looks exchanged.  So it makes me wonder if Brooks fired her because he just found out about the media thing or was it specifically at Victoria’s request?
  • I loved Cynthia MacFadden’s necklaces!
  • Nolan has family!!  I liked that part of the episode, it was just a little too much to rehash here.
  • Nolan picking up the tab for Declan’s tuition after Charlotte has her father stop paying for it, and Jack being able to accept it.
  • OK, if you read spoilers you know that someone dies at the end of this season.  There is supposed to be a car crash.  So, Ashley getting a new car from Conrad and having her driving him around in it kind of makes me think these two have a date with destiny.
  • Like the scene between Victoria and Charlotte at the cemetery.  Charlotte has always made a big deal of the unequal treatment of her and Daniel.  It could have been written off as differences due to boy vs. girl or just Charlotte’s perception of unfairness.  And those things may be a part of it.  But I wonder if Victoria was harder on Charlotte because she wanted Charlotte to be above reproach in case the fact that David Clarke is her real father became more widely known.  In the court of public opinion, people might forgive some of Daniel’s transgressions due to his status as a Grayson, but if Charlotte developed a reputation some might not be as forgiving if they find out the truth about her father.

So I have a lot of things starting to swirl around in my head.  I’m starting to wonder if Victoria doesn’t already know that Emily is really Amanda Clarke.  First, Victoria gave Emily an engagement present when she went to Emily’s house and asked Emily to stick by Daniel throughout the trial.  We don’t know if it’s been opened yet.  Is it a listening device or something?  I always thought that Victoria was a little impulsive and if she did find out that Emily was really Amanda Clarke she would expose that as quickly as she could.  However, right now Emily is sort of working on Victoria’s side of things so I’m wondering if Victoria is biding her time.  She did prove herself capable of holding onto that SEC contact’s information for six long months before contacting him.  And Victoria made some comment to Daniel about how self-righteous Emily is and how it just means she has further to fall, so is she foreshadowing in that scene or does she just believe it’s something that happens to everyone eventually?

I’m also starting to wonder if the downing of Flight 197 was less of an act of terrorism and more of an opportunity to kill one person or destroy something that was on that plane with what the perpetrator thought was an acceptable amount of collateral damage.  There are a few reasons I think that.  One is this mysterious white-haired man who scares Conrad even in daylight.  Sure he could be fronting some home-grown terrorist organization, but I just get the feeling that’s not it.  And why do we not hear more about the actual organization that was allegedly responsible for the incident; is that just due to storyline concerns (obviously David Clarke would be the focus for the show) or did the focus on David Clarke evolve out of the Grayson’s activities undertaken to cover up their involvement?  And speaking of coverups, I can understand Conrad wanting to conceal his involvement, but what about this white-haired man?  Terrorist groups like the world to know about their actions and take responsibility, not cover it up!  Another thing is that Takeda seems way too invested in Emily’s revenge plans and their success for it to be just for Emily’s sake.  (Unless he has some sort of revenge training school and he uses her as some sort of testimony about the program’s success.)  There’s got to be something more about Takeda that we do not yet know.


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