Posted by: loungekitten | June 5, 2012

Revenge: Reckoning

Reckoning is the season finale episode of the first season of Revenge.  I really enjoyed the episode, and here are my thoughts on it:

  • Close-up of Emily’s eyes at the beginning of the episode:  someone wears contact lenses!
  • I was impressed with Daniel’s speed coming down stairs after Emily screamed.  She was hardly finished screaming his name and he was on the landing of the stairs.
  • When Grayson Global’s security team found the bugs in Grayson Manor, I thought, “Oh, shit, the jig is up, Emily!”
  • Emily’s face-to-face meeting with the white-haired man was awesome!
  • The comment that white-haired man made while fighting Emily:  “You’re a hell of a fighter, you must take after your mother.”  To me, the unspoken part of that statement is “because you sure don’t take after your father.”  Not, “because I know your mother and she can kick some butt.”
  • Other comment by white-haired man to Emily: “It was always our intention to frame Conrad for the bombing, not your father.”  Hmmmm.
  • I’m kind of disappointed we didn’t learn why Ashley was on Emily’s porch just in time to see Jack and Emily kiss.  She had to have given Daniel a good reason for being there, right?
  • Loved the dresses that Lydia wore in this episode.
  • Poor Victoria, learning that Conrad had ordered the hit on David Clarke, she really seemed devastated.  Though he was supposed to be spending the rest of his life in prison, so I don’t know what difference it could have made to her if he was dead or alive.  Either way he could not be a part of her life.
  • Charlotte messing with Yonkers (we learn that her name is Jamie in this episode, but I think I might have to call her Yonkers for the rest of her time on the show) was really mean.  And it backfired, since Declan actually does have some sort of moral code.
  • Victoria referring to Lydia’s fall from her roof as a “taxi cab bounce” was hilarious!
  • White-haired man found Emily’s spy cam in Conrad’s office, and he didn’t do anything about it except let her know that he knew!
  • I did not see Emily confessing as much as she did to Daniel without a fight and just breaking off their engagement like she did.  I wonder what will happen to that picture in Conrad’s office now.
  • How crazy, hysterically bitchy was that empty box as Emily and Daniel’s engagement gift!?  “You see, long before the day of your engagement party I knew that your future with Daniel was as empty as that box.  Now good luck with your next endeavor!”  Or something like that.
  • Amanda is pregnant!  OK, #1, I totally believe it’s Jack’s baby.  She looks to be about seven months pregnant, if it’s March the due date is probably in May, which puts date of conception in August, prior to Takeda taking her away from the scene of the crime.  And I believe that she was faithful to him.  And #2, just. . .no fake babies.  I feel that the writers and creators of the series would not have a fake baby storyline.
  • Ha, Ashley and Daniel together!  Victoria should have known to be careful what she wished for when hoping that Daniel would break off his engagement with Emily.  Note it was Emily who broke off the engagement, not Daniel, though that’s apparently his version of events.
  • Nolan to Emily as she sits in front of the fireplace in her cottage: “O-M-G. All right, just stay right where you are and don’t do anything revenge-y before I get there, got it?”
  • Emily at the end of the show: “Let it play.”  Looks like revenge is back on. . .

I have several thoughts about the cliffhangers and what other people are saying about some things in this episode:

  1. I feel that Victoria is not dead.  I think she either spotted white-haired man around the plane (she knows who he is, she was speaking to him on the tape playing at the end of the episode) or she took Conrad’s last threat to heart.  I think she made some excuse to Lydia and Agent McGowan and she got off the plane before it took off.  Either that, or she miraculously survived the explosion.  Not sure about survival of the evidence, though.  The other thing that is sort of throwing me off is the fact that she was wearing all white.  Not sure if they were trying to symbolize death and the after life or that Victoria was now a good person because she was going to exonerate David.  Throughout the series, she has worn mostly dark colors, especially during the last part of the season.  If you watch the video extras on ABC’s website which feature the show’s costume designer, she says that the choices she has made when dressing Victoria have been very deliberate and the choice to dress her in dark clothes during the last few episodes was meant to reflect the relationships with the men in her life.
  2. Amanda’s baby must be Jack’s.  I hope the show’s writers won’t go there with the who’s the baby daddy storyline.  If I were Jack, I’d be concerned about the possibility of fetal alcohol syndrome, because when he went on his wild goose chase the stories being fed to him were ones describing epic drinking.  And it was all during the most crucial part of fetal development!  (Obviously, Takeda was taking care of her, the reality is that everything is probably fine.)
  3. I think that Charlotte will survive the overdose, Conrad just needs to get over his guilt and call 911 already.
  4. So Emily’s mother is still alive!  Why was it a big secret, then?  And the white-haired man claimed that the Initiative was trying to frame Conrad and not David, yet in that last video the white-haired man knew (immediately) that David had a wife that “died” in 1990.  I don’t know whether this meeting was the first time that the idea of framing David Clarke came up or not.  (If it wasn’t the first meeting, maybe the Initiative had already investigated David Clarke and they knew everything about him.)  And if the Initiative was really keen on taking down Conrad, why did they go along with the idea to frame David Clarke instead?  (Did the Graysons, with their keen survival instincts, just make a case for it and the Initiative had to go along with it because there was no plausible way to frame the Graysons at that point?)  A lot of people think that Emily’s mother was somehow involved with the Initiative, I don’t think that will be true.  I hope it won’t be true, it’s too contrived.  I really hope Emily’s mother being alive will just be one more piece of the puzzle about her father and what kind of person he really was.  And as far as who should play that role, my vote is for Ashley Judd.  Her show was just cancelled, and I think that she looks like she could be Emily’s mother.  Someone else brought up Rene Russo, she’d be a good choice as well if she wears contact lenses that make her eyes look brown.  I can’t get on board with many of the other dream casting scenarios suggested because, as much as I admire the actresses making them Emily’s mother would just be a stretch either on the grounds of the actresses’ ages or because they look nothing like Emily (even accounting for the fact that James Tupper as David Clarke is her father).  Emily VanCamp and James Tupper barely look related, so I would expect the actress who plays Emily’s mother to look substantially like Emily VanCamp.  Unless her mother had to have plastic surgery to conceal her identity or something, which would be another contrivance.  I know others don’t care about how related actors look, but for me it’s a part of making the story believable.  And that is part of the actor’s job – someone might be acting their heart out, but if they don’t look like what I expect he/she to look like it ruins everything for me.
  5. This is more fan fiction or hypothesizing rather than actual fact (except for the part about the season opening with a wedding, that is straight from the mouth of the show’s creator). . .It has been reported that next season will open with Emily’s wedding, but the groom will remain a mystery throughout most of the season, mirroring the murder at the beach storyline this season.  I would rule out Jack as the groom faster than I would rule out Daniel.  Perhaps Emily and Daniel will form a bond over shared concern for Charlotte as she recovers from her overdose, leading to a reconciliation.  Besides, Emily needs to find her mother now and getting close to Daniel might be the only way to make it happen.  My guess is that Victoria – assuming she will be alive – will lay low after the plane crash and reappear sometime around the time of the wedding.  I think Jack will now stick by Amanda through hell or high water now that she is pregnant with his child (if one assumes the child is his, as I do).  If not these two, then a third possibility who we haven’t met.  Hopefully not Conrad.  AND DEFINITELY NOT NOLAN – unless it’s for something legal, not a romantic reason.
  6. Another sort of fan fiction/hypothesis musing:  is Takeda part of the Initiative?  The Initiative wanted Conrad to take the blame for the money laundering, I believed the white-haired man when he said that.  Plus, Takeda was at the top of the list of angry Grayson investors who complained about Grayson Global to the SEC (before Daniel’s & Emily’s engagement party).  And the white-haired man told Emily they have more in common than they think.   Many have floated the theory that Emily is being “played” by Takeda as some sort of vendetta Takeda has against the Graysons.  Is it possible that Emily’s revenge is just another tool the Initiative has (through Takeda) to try to bring the Graysons down?

I can’t wait for the second season of the show!


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